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Precious - died during labor - 5 yrs?

Duchess - CRF 15 yrs
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Since mine arrive health-compromised, I suspect I've lost to many to list them all. The most recent

Cleo- 18 years old- outside kitty all his life-died from problems resulting from pet food contamination

Prowler- 4 years old- died of unknown causes- vet suspect contamination issue caused death

Stryker- CRF age 10

Noddy- hit by a car when he escaped from house

Tazzy died from brain damage after collison with car

After losing Tazzy we decided to build our cat enclosure so our ferals can be outside or inside and stay safe.

There is a new article about how household chemicals are being studied now to see if they might be the cause for the rising death and illness toll among cats. If I can find the link- I will post it later.
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Klarisse - We think her liver. Passed away last night.
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We had Fred sent to the Bridge when he began suffering from FIV he had lived with for years. He was my first cat, I had him for 18 years, and it was like losing a child.
We lost Leo and George to Feline Leukemia.
Webb and Georgia sneaked out and got hit by cars on 2 different occasions.
My most recent rescue was very old, declawed, toothless and ill when I got saved him from being tormented and abused by some teenagers. He jumped in the car with me, so I took him home, where he lived in my laundry room and back yard until he was suffering badly and we had him pts. The vet said he could not do anything for him, and it was the most merciful thing he could do. He estimated his age at about 20. He had been a pet, then was abandoned. There are a lot of elderly people around there, and I suspect he may have been turned out after his owner may have passed or been put somewhere to be taken are of. I was glad to be able to give him food, shelter and love during his last days.
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Sunflower - bacterial pneumonia...he died before we knew he was sick.
Ditto - the same and worms. He was being treated but the medicine wasn't enough to kick it before he passed too.

RIP darlings!
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Sommer almost 3 years old, died yesterday from feline hepatic lipidosis -- fatty liver. Vet doesn't know how she caught it since she was young and thin (usually cats are obese and older) and why it progressed so quickly. Healthy one day and 4 days later being buried in my backyard. Without an autopsy we will never know for sure, but the Dr thinks that it probably started with her pancreas so she would have died shortly anyway. At least with it being so quick she didn't suffer but it has really hit my husband and I really hard -- we keep thinking that we should have noticed something but the Dr even said there was nothing more we could have done. By the time she started to show signs of being sick it was too late. When does it stop hurting? We all miss her including the 2 other cats we have. We also feel so stupid for being so upset about it but until we had our human daughter 5 months ago, Sommer was our little girl and her brothers our sons.
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Kudos - Skin Cancer and possible tumor
Chula - Accident (didnt land on her feet)
Mika - fright
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Candy - Kidney failure - 15
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Gizmo - Feline Leukemia - 6 years old

Woody - Male blockage - almost 2 years old

Waffles - unknown - almost 2 years old

Oliver Felix - Megaesophagus - 5 months old
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just a few ages ranging from 5 months to 5 years, complications from FeLV, including cancer, some were, to my best guess, FIP also
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I have lived with a lot of kitties in my lifetime but my last bridge kitty, Bartholomew, died in August 2000, at age 16, of HCM...heart failure.
Mew's heart was broken and so was mine.
I still grieve for him.
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Fifi - Male 17 yrs. - Old age - June 3, 1995
Boe- Male 9yrs. - Cancer - November 16, 1998
Baby Filo - Male 7 yrs. - Cardiomyopathy - March 18, 2008
Taylor - Female 18 yrs. - Old age - April 26, 2008

I miss them all dearly.
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I've only lost one cat so far but he died as the result of a blood clot in his neck when he was 8 years old No idea what caused the blood clot but it was sudden onset. In the morning he was his normal self. When I returned from work he was lying on the floor unable to move. He died at the vets a few hours later.
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When I was a teenager, I had a beautiful siamese cat named TIGER, he was raised on a busy street in town, we bought a farm in the country and moved. Not two days after we moved, he was hit by a car crossing the street at the age of 3 years old.

As some of you may know, I lost my beautiful BLACK, back in October to liver disease, he was only 2 1/2 years old.
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Smokey was 17.5 & it was CRF.
Cookie was 7 & it was unknown exactly what cause it, but most likely it was FIV or Feluk.
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ashley was 17, cancer..

shadow was 19... she died at home.. old age? couldn't tell you exact COD

that worst one? Kyla.. she was a year old *barely* just turned the start of the month and died at the end of the month from cancer
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I'll just do the cats that I have had of my own, not childhood kitties. As i only adopt oldies, there have been a few unfortunately.

Charlie - 14, she started fitting two days after surgery for an abscess, vet said it was unrelated, I am still unsure. We had her on morphine for 24 hours, but just after I agreed to keep it going in case she could get better she went naturally. Still feel guilty about that, as it meant she died alone.

Tigger - estimated to be 5, she had suspected FIP. She had fluid in her abdomen, but it wasn't fully positive.

George - ?? - elderly - to date, the only foster I have lost (although this will change at some point this year), he had liver issues.

Snowy - 14ish, she had raised liver enzymes for nearly a year before it developed into cholangiohepatitis - while this can be treated, she refused all meds.

Blackie - 14 - mammary cancer as her owner had never spayed her - all her organs were fine for her age though.

Ginger - 15ish - he went on the street, i will never know what caused it, but he did have a heart murmur, and as he had lived rough for 3 years, it could have been old age.

Pebbles - 11ish - we dont know what caused her death, the vet suspects a tumour in her intestines, but it didn't show up on x-rays done a couple of months before - sadly, she didn't ask if I wanted a postmortem at the time. She had battled quite a few illnesses though.

Tiger - 14 - again, we dont know for certain, but she had a limp that was either due to cancer, or chronic inflammation, plus two arthritic hips. She refused all meds, so when she started acting out of character and picking at her food, I let her go.

RIP babies.
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Bobo passed away from liver cancer that met. to his lungs at age 11.75, way too early IMO
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