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Okay slightly uneasing topic open and read if you want

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What did your cat pass away from ?? and how old ???

Kandie CRF a month from 19

Nikko Crf 19.5

Simon unknown age 14
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Damita Mae 2 months from 8 years from ???
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Sylvia had CRF and mammary cancer. However the CRF was under control for the last two years or so of her life, kidney levels normal or high-normal so in the poll I put cancer. She had tumors removed but they returned and metastatized. We don't know how old she was because she was a rescue, but she had to be at least 16 because we had her for about 11-13 years and the family we adopted her from had her for several years before that and when they got her (stray) she was already an adult.
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Stripe was Crf after doing a year of treatments at age 11
Lucy was Fia at age 11
Yoshi was Kidney Stones and they think Fip ay age 5
Stormy was End Stage Crf which I didnt even know she had until the day before she was Pts. She didnt really have any signs of it except she would drool and barf sometimes. They also think maybe Cancer. She was only 5.
Manx age 11 from cancer and a seizure from her epilepsy. I like to take cats with problems. we got her when she was 6 weeks old.
Patches Crf at age 6
Smokey age 11 not sure why. I had to leave her behind when I moved and they called me and said she was sick. She died within a hour of the call.
I was a Kid with these Cats
Frisky died from Male Blockage at age 1
Patches died before we got to the Vet
Butterscotch not sure what.
I am only listing Cats that were mine even when I was a kid.
Whiskers was bleeding but died before we got to the Vet
Thats what I get for trying to save Ferals
Theres alot more taht were family Pets too.
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Genghis - starvation - about 12 weeks old.

Apart from Genghis, we haven't lost a cat since '98 (touch wood) when I was but a youngster, but tragically we lost 3 cats in one year on the road, despite the fact that our road is quiet, the few people who drive on it don't obey the speed limit.

Poppy - 8 months old
Theo - 4 yrs old
Martha (my baby, and my 9th birthday surprise) - 8 years old

Rest in peace girls.

:rbheart :
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These are not all the cats in my lifetime, but most.

Mervat - 14ish - mammary cancer that had spread to her lungs (also had hyperthyroidism)

Bookie - 17ish - severe anemia and we never did figure out what had happened to her - severe diarrhea that was negative for everything, ?ibd??

Joshua - 15ish cancer (also had ibd, hyperthyroidism)

Christopher - -14ish chylothorax

Patrick - just prior to his 19th birthday - pancreatitis (also had ibd and hyperthyroidism and crf)

Tyler - 18 1/2 - bone cancer - jaw - also had crf, hyperthyroidism

Frankie - 3-4, ??? stroke/embolus had mild crf

Ivy - 12+, cancer - extensive.
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sadie 5yrs-7 yrs (she was a stray) unknown neurological problems

scampi 1.5 yrs -fip

pomey 16 yrs-hepatitis

marmie 6 months-stomach cancer

blackie 9 yrs- stomach cancer

rip babies
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in my cat-owning life thus far, i've only lost 2. i don't really know the cause for either - Medley was 15 tho, so she was not a young cat. she wasted away - the vet had determined that she had 1 of 3 possible issues [don't remember what they were, now] & of those, only 1 was non-fatal. i chose to treat her for the non-fatal possibility rather than subject her to a bunch of testing [i was also a student at the time - no ]. she passed about 2-3 weeks later.
Mouse [7]- those of you who were around 3 years ago will remember this story... she'd stopped eating & was vomiting a lot. this happened right around Christmas, & i took her to the mobile vet [was taking Cable for shots]. they couldn't determine a problem based on a physical exam, & wouldn't be back for anything else until after Christmas. they recommended a local place - i took her there, he did an exam, x-rays, gave me some prescription canned food, anti-nausea meds & lactulose & told me to keep her hydrated.
i took her back a day or 2 later - she wasn't even keeping down the water! he sent me to the e-vet for overnight treatment [$$$$] & they gave her anti-nausea meds + sub-q fluids. they thought she was doing better, but then she vomited again right before i picked her up. they said to take her back to him.
he then decided i needed to take her to Arlington [over an hour's drive] for an ultrasound & more testing. at this point, it started snowing, so i called my dad to see if he would drive us. he agreed, & i drove out to my parents' house. my sister was in town for the holidays, & she called around locally looking for a vet w/an ultrasound machine so we wouldn't have to drive all that way - she found one. so we went there, instead.
this vet was FABULOUS! he was where i should've been recommended to to begin with. he couldn't find anything wrong, either... he told me the original referred vet was really more of a large animal guy.
anyway, he ended up doing surgery to try to find the cause, & fixed an seemingly minor problem. she seemed to be improving - he'd called & told me she was eating, not vomiting, etc. but then she unexpectedly died - i didn't have a necropsy done, so i'm not positive as to why... but she was a fattish girl, & hadn't really eaten much of anything for at least 10 days, so it could've easily been feline hepatic lipidosis.
sorry about the novel!
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Red-12 years old FIP
Doo Doo-20 years old CRF
Shatazar-6 years Cancer
Kitty-age unknown I had her 10 years CRF
Little Bit-10 years old CRF
Tommy-6 years old bad reaction to Ketamine while getting teeth cleaned
Chubbs AKA Bubba-14.6 years cancer
Mort-almost 18 years old CRF
George-2 years old FIP

I miss you all...... RIP
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Oh what a depressing topic! It is interesting though... As you'll see, the deaths of my cats have lead to my current ones being indoor only.

1998 - Wendy - 8 - Wandered off... never seen again.
2005 - Milo - not even 1 yet! - Bitten by a snake.
2006 - Molly - 7 - Mauled by next door's dog. Survived the night at the vet, died the next day, just after they told us she was going to be okay...
2007 - JayJay - 16 - She had dimensia (we're sure) and was a bit crazy in her old age... she didn't go outside, but one day she got adventurous. Hit by a car.
2007 - Tobi - 5 - Poor boy got hit by a car.

Again, now you know why my cats are inside only these days.
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Timotei, almost 3 years old, IMHA in April 4th 2007.
Usva, about 8 years old, cancer in November 22nd 2007.

I miss you so much my darling babies.
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Tigger (1 year old) Beaten and battered by someone when he was out for his nightly stroll.
Lala (4 months old) Died 10 days after Tigger on Halloween, unfortunately, she was black, some kids are just so hateful, she got hit by a car and had to be put down.
Tibby (8 weeks old) Died from internal problems from before she was born, her chest wasn't expanding for the growth, got put down.
Sheeba (2 years old) Got hit by a car one night, indoor cat wasn't too skilled, she had to be put down, internal bleeding.

These next cats were out of my control, I couldn't stop it since I had a lot of cats at one time, fostering them for a no kill group.

Cow (1 year old) Terrible ear infection, Feline Distemper (DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS, THE VET PASSED IT OFF AS JUST A "LITTLE INFECTION IN THE OUTER EAR)
Marvin (Cows Sister) FELINE DISTEMPER! We believed he died of a broken heart after losing his sister, they were never seperated, he searched for her all day and night, we woke up one morning to find him dead on her favourite armchair, broke our hearts </3
Mims (9 months old) Feline distemper! Sheeba's kitten, so sad to see, we learnt it was feline distemper after this cat died, and took immediate action to get them all in quarantine, however, it was already 3 weeks after the first cat died from it and the exposure had been done.
Sage (1 year old, rescued kitten) She was pregnant, and was due for her babies a week after she died, FELINE DISTEMPER! (the vet said it was from the babies, which is SO not true) thats my little angel!
Bill & Bob- (7weeks old) Two foster kittens, hand raised from 3 weeks old, FELINE DISTEMPER!! We tried our best my little handsomes
Mimi (9Weeks old) FELINE DISTEMPER.
Speckle (3 years old) FELINE DISTEMPER!

BTW the kittens were immediately in a different home, and got spoiled to the fullest, they were also in seperated from the other kittens, but unfortunately the disease was already there, sadly, Mimi just got her shots a week before, but her body didn't have the time for it to kick in.

AND the veterinarian was very very misleading with us, we have since changed vets. He made up every possible excuse for them dying, he came to the conclusion of the Distemper after losing the 3rd cat to a sudden, slow and painful death.

It put a huge toll on the rescue group, since they paid for a lot of the vet fees, we didnt know what was wrong, so much hurt


I just wish I could have helped them.
I don't think I can bare to see another kitten die in my arms,

Why does this happen to the best of us? My life revolved around animals, now I feel afraid to attach myself to them, I don't want to be broken up again.
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This is my family:

Bootsie - 22 1/2 years old - old age

Spooky - 17 years old - CRF

Samson - 19 1/2 years old - CRF

Billy - 18+ years old - CRF
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Since I've lost more than one cat, I'll just respond here rather than to the poll.

Spot died from HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). He also had hyperthyroidism, but his heart disease was idiopathic and probably not due to the hyperT. I don't know how old he was since I found him as an ill stray, but he was probably between 13 and 16 years old.

Willow died of FIP (confirmed through necropsy and PCR testing from Auburn University) at the age of approximately nine years old.

Two of my childhood cats were hit by cars--one was probably a year old, and the other was probably about two years old (all of my adulthood cats have been indoor only).

A third childhood cat died from heart attack or stroke--he had a heart murmur most of his life, and he lived to be twelve years old.

Two other childhood cats disappeared--one just ran away (may have had a seizure and gotten lost) and the other was accidentally let outside while we were moving.
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Willow - Fibrosarcoma (cancer) at 6 years old.

Simba - Heart Failure (HCM) at 10 years old.
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I've had several cats die of cancers. Spooky (our rex who died at age 15 1/2) died of a heart attack in his sleep.
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I suspect that we see more cancers because cats, as pets, are kept alive from other causes that normally would have killed them much younger.
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We lost Raven to Fibrosarcoma (cancer) at 10 yrs old. He was diagnosed not long after his 10 yr birthday. We had him for 6 months after his diagnosis.
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maisie - 3 years old - hit by a car - december 1994

thomas - approx 4 years old - hit by a car - june 2001

sinbad - 15 years old (maisie's brother) - CRF - october 2006

daisy - approx 13 - CRF - january 2007

janet - approx 13 - FIP - october 2007

i miss you all so much my precious babies.
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Alley was 9.5 years old when she was pts. She had cytauxzoonosis. She WAS Frontlined, and it happened in December, far past the usual season. She was pts to spare her the horrible, painful death caused by this disease.
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Andy - 1.5 years old from a heart condition called core triatriatum sinister. All of a sudden around Christmas he started having attacks like asthma attacks, and or vet at home did some xrays and discovered pectus excavatum, so we took him to a cardiologist at the university in January. He did an ultrasound and echocardiogram and discovered that he actually had a tissue membrane bisecting his upper left chamber in his heart, so the blood was flowing through a opening 1/16 of an inch wide, rather than flowing through the entire chamber, and his blood was not oxygenating as a result (hence the asthma like symptoms). He told us the condition had never been corrected before and he had less than a month to live. The vet offered to try a brand new technique never attempted before, and after long hours of trying to decide what was best, we went with the surgery. The surgery itself was a success, but it took too long and Andy didn't wake up. At least Andy will be helping other cats in the future. [If anyone ever comes across a cat with core triatriatum sinister PM me, I'll give you the name of the cardiologist who did the surgery.]
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Hera - indoor environmental poison or electrical shock, age 6 months
(Bang, yelp, Hera dashed out from under the stove, was seriously ill, went to vet, stabilized on oxygen, no diagnosis from blood panel, took home, fed water with syringe, I woke up every hour that night to check on her. At 2 am or so she was obviously too far gone to rush to emergency vet, and she died in my arms less than 20 minutes later. My vet had me take her home because he wanted her watched overnight, and told me to take her to an emergency vet if she got worse. Afterwards, I realized that, because I had to wait to get a cab when leaving the vet's office, she probably had already gotten worse by the time I set my baseline on her. I still think IV fluids and oxygen would have saved her, but there is no way to know.)

Maggie - aged 16 or so (adult stray when adopted), euthanized due to a chronic illness caught too late (forget what exactly; she was living with my mother at the time).
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Zoey - 8 months - FIP (or some other unknown infection)
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I was a kid when we had our first cat.. an indoor/outdoor named Lucky. I'm not sure how old he was, but he was poisoned, either intentionally or not.. the former wouldn't be a stretch, we have a neighbor who is known to have killed cats. We rushed him to the vet when we found him, but they couldn't save him.

And my dear Chase, who was 14, died of lymphoma.
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toby died at around 9 years of age from a heart condition, i don't remember what, i was 14 at the time. he started with these attacks of trouble breathing that i can still hear. then he started swelling around the middle. my mom said it was fluid around his heart that was causing the swelling and trouble breathing. it was my job to give him two pills which i think only stressed him more. we were warned that he might end up paralyzed and sure enough in the middle of the night he woke me up crying and i found him on the floor, his hind legs paralyzed. we watched him die that night, it was horrible.
susie died of unknown causes at 18 years old. she had lost a ton of weight and stopped eating. when she became incontinent i had her pts to end her suffering.
jenny died of unknown causes at the age of i think 12. i think she actually passed just minutes before they injected her to pts, but did it anyway to be sure.
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Hippocrates, cancer, age 13
Lucy, skin cancer, age 5?
Boris, wet FIP, age 18 months
Little Mom, fell out of tree, age 7?
Max, cardiomyopathy, age 8
Sebastian, dog pack, age 8
Natasha, Halloween prank , age 5
(this is when I pretty much quit letting the cats outside)
Samantha, non-responsive stomititus, age 13
Ruby, FeLV, age 3
Morrison, FeLV, age 10 months
Hendrix, FeLV, age 10 months
Emily, ARF, age 5?
Bogart, CRF, age 13
Tigger, cardiomyopathy, age 9
Shep, stroke, age 17

And my dogs:
Ellie Mae, stroke, age 14
Jethro, inoperable spinal lesion, age 10
Doug, bone cancer, age 6
Tyler, bone cancer, age 10
Nita, paralyzing arthritis (bad genes), age 4
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Comet (1 1/2) Died from kidney failure. He was the runt of a feral litter we adopted. He was always very very small. He had under developed kidneys which cause him to pass very early. Poor guy. He lives on through his two brothers and tehy miss him terribly

Peaches (13) Got ran over by a car. This was my very first cat. My parents let my brother and I adopt two brother cats. He lived with my parents when I moved away, and ended up getting ran over in our driveway by my Mom. As horrible as this sounds...this is the reason my cats live inside. I just do not trust that they will be safe outside.

Spookie (3) Disappeared one day. This was peaches' brother. He ran away...Yet another reason I keep my pets inside. Spookie was not microchipped because my parents were not into spending a lot of money on the family pets. I am complete opposite however. I love my babies and will do anything to have a long healthy life.
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Our first cat, a siamese named Sassy, had to be put to sleep when she was 11 because she had cancer.
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I have only lost one cat so far.

Sphinx (18 years old or so) was pts because of liver lymphoma, not from some other health problems he had - which included a level/grade 3 heart murmur.
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I've only lost two.
First, the Siamese, she was fine one day, and her systems were slowly shutting down the next. She was 19 when we had her PTS, vet called it age onset systemic failure (AKA natural causes).

B.C. my last RB kitty, was PTS two months shy of his 13th birthday, he had widespread lymphosarcoma, likely due to over-vaccination (his last vet's words, not mine).
He stopped fighting 6 months after diagnosis.
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