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Bach's Rescue Remedy

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I picked up a bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy in the hopes that it will help calm down the tension between Ophelia and Ginger & Mojo. It says on the instructions to use 4 drops in a small glass of water. how does that translate to a 100 oz. Cat-It Fountain or Petmate Fountain? Is 4 drops enough for regular sized water bowls? Do I just add more when I refill the fountains (and obviously daily when I rinse out and refill the water bowls)?

The instructions really aren't clear for pet water fountains.
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I don't think it works in fountains because of the aeration of the water?
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When I use Rescue Remedy on Cleo, I just rub a drop of it on the inside of her ear. I used it when I had to take her to Michigan State, for her echocardiogram. I also sprayed her carrier with Feliway. Have you tried the Feliway plug-ins? They really helped when I introduced Lola to Cleo and Maggie. I honestly think the Feliway helped more than the Rescue Remedy.
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I drop two to four drops on the back of necks or spray the srpay into the carrier
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I don't think it's recommended for fountains.

I use a similar product before shows and squirt it directly into the mouth and pat a few drops into the head, spreading it up the outside of the ears.
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When we first took in our kittens off the street, we decided to try RR. I put it in their water bowl, but also rubbed some on Paddington and Conor's necks. The smell of it is enough to help, but also they ingest some during grooming. It really helped our situation. We haven't tried Feliway (though that is the next product we are going to use for our one kitten who is still skittish - Steve).

Good luck! I found the RR to be really helpful in just calming everyone down and getting more used to their environment. It works for some, but not everyone.
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I was able to use it in our fountain, but I don't use the filter. I just divided the 50oz of our fountain by the # of oz in a glass of water. Then multiplied that number by 4 drops, adding that many drops.
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I'd never heard of this stuff until I just Googled it. Forget the kitties, I'm getting some for myself!
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Originally Posted by dlestarjette View Post
I'd never heard of this stuff until I just Googled it. Forget the kitties, I'm getting some for myself!
LMAO I tend to agree! (for myself, not you hehe)
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oh yeah! It's great stuff! I have used it myself before flying before (I am an occasional nervous flyer - very annoying as sometimes I am fine, others not so fine...) and I have another friend who swears by it when she is a bit hung over. I have been using it for years and never realised you could use it on animals until I came onto this forum!
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I use it topically. I rub it on their ears and pads.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I use it topically. I rub it on their ears and pads.
Gryffin is a worrier, so this might be good for him. He sits there, and furrows his little brow, and you can just see him worrying about something, poor lil guy.

He also does this thing sometimes when we walk into the kitchen where he kind of shakes his tail/butt like he's really excited or nervous about something. I never understood what that meant.
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I put a few drops in their 2 favorite water bowls last night. DH said they are all really mellow today. (He works from home, so he's able to observe them during the day.) They definitely didn't mind the taste in the water, no change in their drinking habits.
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My cats seem to prefer the water with RR! I feed them their dinner upstairs and one night, I forgot to bring the RR with me to put in their bowl. I didn't feel like going and getting it, so I just filled their upstairs water bowl like normal. After they ate, all three of them came downstairs and lapped up their other water (the bowl that had some RR in it).

I have also applied it topically - to Conor, mainly. Paddington hates to have anything foreign put on him (made applying flea treatment a few days ago fun). It works just as well - especially if your cat doesn't like the RR in their water.
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When Jack first came i put a couple of drops in their wet food, their water bowl and a couple on their paws
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Our kitties didn't like it in the water, so we dabbed it behind their ears.

How's it going - does it seem to be helping?

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