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Best Pet Insurance?

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Hi, we are looking to get pet insurance for our 2 cats and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on the best one to get. I am not sure if any one company is better than the other. I am not even sure how many different companies there are that offer pet insurance. Any advice?
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When I'm looking for information on products and services, I often google the name of the service and "review" - this will often come up with reviews of the services. Keep in mind that the people writing the reviews are anything but objective in most cases. You will likely find either really good experiences, or really horrible ones. But, it may give you a little idea of what the companies are all about!

Sorry....no experience with pet insurance. I just signed my kittens up, but haven't yet had to make a claim (thankfully!).

Make sure you read and understand the fine print!
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This is a pretty comprehensive review site. Hope you'll find it useful.

I have VPI and the site gave it very very poor rating, a lot of complaints and disappointment. I sign up for it as a recommendation from my old vet though. Didn't know any better.

I've submitted numerous claims under my Wellness Plan and although I did get back some money, it's not that much.

Read, read the fine print, benefit schedule, cancellation policy, renewal, requirements for pre existing conditon, premium rates, etc ...
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