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I have two stray kittens in my yard

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Although they have that feral look I think I am dealing with either strays or one feral and one stray. They are so adorable. I leave some food out every night and it is eaten by morning. But today I got a good look and they are little bitty.
I would say maybe 4 months old.
One of them meowed at me and rubbed his cheek against the railing and went under the stairs to have a few more bits of food.
The one that meowed at me and was so friendly I believe is adoptable. He didn't run away and in fact looked to be craving some human attention.
I want to trap him but not without his more skittish sibling who I saw for the first time too. I am afraid the skittish one will see the other being trapped and run away forever.
I am new to this, the trapping part and need some tips. Thankfully the weather is warmer right now but it will get chilly again soon.

The friendly one is a tuxedo and the 'sibling' is all white.
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I think both will be trapped in no time!
I did it with all 4 cats.
Since they are so young, it should be easy.
Do you have trap already? I recommend using raccoon size one.
That way, cat has to go in pretty deep to get to the food, but by the time she did that, door is shut and there is no escape.
I bought mine from here http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...temnumber=9646

Here is how it looks like.

Good luck!!
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Is that your cute daughter looking excited about the cats?

That price is more than reasonable. They are just too little to leave out there.
I saw the white one before I went to bed under a car. They seem to be hanging out by the house and in my yard. It makes me wonder who I am not seeing.

I am fortunate in that we have a 2 excellent 24 hour animal hospitals with emergency rooms that do free stray care. They will s/n for free and do all of the blood work and then tests.
If they are ok I will take them to the place where I got my boys. They are the best cat only no kill shelter who have volunteer vets on staff. This way I know they will be cared for and get all of their ongoing care.
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yeah, you'd think a cat would see its friend get trapped, make the connection and run off, never to be trapped. but so far in my experience i have seen cat after cat get trapped, even re-trapped! so the sibling could probably be caught as well. in fact, if you get a 'trap divider' after you catch the friendly one, add in the divider and reset the trap. i bet the sibling comes right out to find out why his friend is in the box ...

or catch one at a time, i bet that'll work too!
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
Is that your cute daughter looking excited about the cats?
And that's Torako meowing for joy of seeing mama after 2 nights of separation!
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So sweet.
I just found my boy that got out. I was so terrified. I have to share. He is home.

However, in my quest to find my baby boy I came across the two strays. They pretty much have claimed my yard. Upon closer inspection I notice that one looks pregnant. Small but her teats are visible and her tummy swollen.
So I have to get on the ball with a plan.
I am going to try to catch her tomorrow and get her to the vet. I am going to keep her here to have the kittens if she gets a clean bill of health. I have a huge closet in my bedroom that I can make a cozy den for her and her kittens. I will spay her and then try to get them adopted.
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It looks like the two disappeared for a bit but are back. Bold enough to stand in front of my door which is a glass panel door so I can look at them. They like to look and I look at them.
The white one is dirty and the mother is not much better. I am still trying to figure out what to do. I am hoping that the human society will provide some trapping tips.
I am feeding them food every night. I found a way to get some free food. I ask the pet store for samples and then I use them. SO I have enough food for a month. One pet store gave me 20 packages. I add a can of wet on top.
I don't think these two are feral as they are trusting of me and talk to me. Of course they could have been. This is a pet friendly neighborhood so I wonder if they have been socialized by the neighborhood. They love my yard and the weather is nice.
I am going to have my brother, who has taken a shine to them, come over and fix up the area under the stairs in case trapping them proves difficult. I can put a little rug there and make a cat house. In case there are more.

I feel responsible for them and I should name them.
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My plan has hit a snag.
I called the cat hospital and they are full and have no free vet appointments for a long time. SO it is up to me. Which is fine but leaves me in a quandary.
I was told that if I feed them or care for them that they become mine. What a cruel law! It will discourage people from caring for them.
So now I am left with pretending the cats aren't mine and taking them to a shelter. Or getting them care and keeping them as outdoor cats which I am afraid of because of safety. I am not able to keep 5 cats plus kittens. My health is not good enough to keep up with the whole lot.
Any advice is appreciated.
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