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Oh Teresa..I'm just tickled pink for you!:pinky: I really enjoy watching that show and I'm excited to actually know someone who is on it! Please fill us all in with the exciting details. Just remember to breathe...the last thing you want on the show is you passed out from hyperventaling!LOL!:laughing:
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get a little more determined with my diet and try to lose a little weight before the "big" day! I just can't wait to see my babies and share them with you guys.
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Am so pleased for you DragonLady, I am only sorry that I wont get to see the show in Australia. Just a thought though, what if you contacted the tv company and talked with whoever will be producing the show. I am sure they have had lots of people that are having anxious thoughts like yourself. They may have suggestions for you, or let you know exactly what will be seen of your room and what wont be. Not knowing the show, I dont know how they film. Whether they will just close up on the mummies and babbies and the hands of helpers. Anyway just a thought. About how long till the event? I have my fingers crossed that it will all go well for you.

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Awesome! Your kitties, and you, will be stars!
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around May 19th! I do have a queen that is due with her second litter before then, but we have no idea when as our male tends to mate out of sight. I'm hoping she will be a good teacher as the queens due are expecting their first litters. I am attaching a newborn photo of a persian kitten
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It's so amazing how teeny they are when they're first born... I'm always amazed when I look at Spike's baby pictures, and those were already at 8 weeks!
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was only 2.5oz. She was the tinyest new born I had ever seen.
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Teresa - this is wonderful wonderful news!
hubby wants a persian - they are his favourite cat that little baby is soooooo darn cute! I want to kiss and scritch it all over!
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you will see a little girl persian still available. She is six months old and I will be getting her rabies shots so all shots will be caught up. She is even microchipped for identification.
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Teresa!!! I just saw this thread and read through it all....what GREAT news!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! That it really an honor to be on Animal Planet!!!! I wished we got that here....I only have the top 50 channels on my cable and that it isn't one of them so I won't get to see it. I wish you lots of luck with it and I know you will be great!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!
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This is sooooo cool! Please don't forget to let us all know when the episode will air. Are you going to have a film crew hanging around waiting for labor and delivery?
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and take shots of playing with the cats and doing some interviewing. I want to make sure to pass on info about why declawing is wrong and rescuing is important.
They come back 8 weeks after to see the kittens all grown and playful and being visited by prospective buyers.
I still have 2 kittens from my last litter so I may recruit my family and friends to pose as buyers. LOL
I will keep you posted as to when it will air!
Those of you who don't get Animal Planet at home call your cable provider and find out if it is available! I love this channel!
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I am sending my pre interview tape Monday morning. We had to shoot it ourselves as their office is too far for me to go to! Yikes! I'm going to start cleaning every dark corner of the house. I would hate her to deliver in a dirty laundry basket! LOL Hope they like us!!!! Send VIBES!
I'm a nervous Nelly!!!!
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DragonLady: Now, now, make sure you don't make it seem like purebred babies are the only way to go, and that there's no such thing as an over population problem, we know you know better then that!!

My fiance insist that purebred puppies are the only way to go, and this show only helps reinforce that with him *sigh*.
All my animals have been mixed/rescues, heck one even saved my life, fiance just grew up as an ungrateful brat is all.

Have fun with it! lol.
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I love that show. Hope we can see you on there. Good luck with your interview.
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Don't worry I plan to cover rescue, spay and neuter, declawing, and, last, but not least, the cat site!
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Good News
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Ooh! I just saw this thread. Congratulations! Thats such good news. Animal Planet is one of my favorite stations. I've watched Thats My Baby" tons of times. Keep us updated on how things are coming. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do just fine.
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Wow, Teresa, thats So great!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!

Im so happy for you!

(hey, don't forget to mention CWSI, if you get a chance )

Can anyone record this when it will be on? you probably can imagine I wont be able to wwatch it from here...
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Wow, our very own TV *****STAR*******, COngrats
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I'm not the "STAR" Rudy is!!! She is the one who will be giving birth with a camera in her....um.... face Poor baby, first litter and it's going to be televised on national TV. No stress here! LOL
I'll be the one hiding out of camera range behind any cat that wonders by! I just hope she is able to get through this healthy and happy! With lots of beautiful kittens! Keep those good vibes coming for both of us!
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Don't you know growing up on National TV can be bad for children!!
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Of course you and Rudy have the good vibes from my house. Rudy was Trent's Valentine, after all!
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Oh Teresa, this is so exciting! Lots of good luck vibes coming your way.... and of course, lots of Good Luck vibes for Rudy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Just tell Rudy this is for documentary purposes... once she's done, explain she's going to be a TV star! Maybe she won't be so nervous this way.... )

(((((HUGS)))))!!!!!!!!!!!! (And scritches for Rudy, if she wants them )
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Rudy is sorry the long distance romance with Trent didn't work out, but, she still wants to be friends She adores scritches and does this chattering teeth routine that is hysterical!!! I hope we can get that on the show!
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Did the episode already show?? I hope not.. if not please tell me when If It didnt already and its coming on in a week or two .. that'd actually be helpful with me.. See how the kitties get bor and stuff for my kitty.. ( shes at the end of her pregnancy.its any day now... *EXCITED!!*)
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That is soooooo absolutely cool! Please let us know when it will be on. I watch that show quite often.

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