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new here -- cat flu

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Hi all -- I have just found this site and would like some advice or support.

I have a 14 yr old cat who has cat flu. He hasn't been well now for nearly 6 weeks.. First of all, probably unrelated, sickness and not eating for a week -- which he picked up from. But it seems because he was ill that he got cat flu (I've always kept up to date with his vaccinations).

We first notice the runny eye and sneezing a month ago and took him to the vet -- he had gone downhill quite quickly and was bleeding slightly at the nose by then. We got ant-bs and he picked up really well, although never stopped sniffing completely.

The past 2 weeks he has been getting worse again -- sneezing and runny nose and eye (only a bit). He has been back to vet twice -- 1st time they said to leave him to see how he got on and the 2nd time he got some powder to add to food to thin mucus down. He hasn't really had much of a temperature since the first time he attended for flu.

But, he seems to have got worse over the last week (last saw vet 5 days ago). He is really sneezy and streams quite a lot. Thankfully he is eating well and drinking -- his coat looks quite good (apart from the paw that washes the snotty nose) and he is quite bright (though obviously getting fed up). He was sick a bit tonight -- but I think it was mucus rather than anything else.

Any thoughts as to what I can do for him? I think I will go back to vet tomorrow -- although they probably think I am an anxious cat mum! Am I supposed to just wait it out -- whatever happens; I don't care about the vet fees thankfully. Does anybody know is there anything else they could be doing for him or that I should be doing for him?

I have been letting him out for short periods in the garden when the weather is ok just to brighten his spirits -- past experience of nursing cats has taught me how important it is to try and keep their spirits up. Should I not be doing this?

Any support or advice from anyone who has undergone similar would be much appreciated. I can't help thinking that I am going to lose him and it breaks my heart -- he has been such a special cat. Forgot to add that he also has hyperthyroidism, but that seems well controlled.

Many thanks,

Michelle and Cheeky
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I would keep him inside. My old Cat gets Sick easy. She just had terrible Cold last Month. Did you Cat get Antibiotics? They helped Coco.
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