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cat very somber

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Our 2 year old neutered male cat came in from outside last night after I heard what sounded like a cat fight. He has been very somber all day, pooped in one of the bedrooms (very unlike him) and has been hiding in the corner all evening. Do you think he was hurt? We don't see any blood or obvious injuries. He hissed at me when I got near to pat him. What can we do to cheer him up? Could he have been in the fight? Thanks, Mitties owners
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If he is still acting like this tomorrow AM, I would think a visit to the vet is in order to make sure he hasn't been bitten or something like that.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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I would also take him to the vet, cat bites are hard to find unless you know what to look for, and so when you do find it, is when it abscesses (nasty)
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Please take him to the vet. That is what happened to my mother's cat last summer - his wounds were not found for a couple of days (they really were difficult to see, even the vet missed them first time round), and the poor baby got septacaemia (sp) and died.
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We took Mittens to the Vet. She said he has a puncture wound and is keeping him overnight. We'll be picking him up in the morning!Thanks for your help!
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Sorry to hear that Mittens was hurt, but glad that you now know why he was acting the way he had been. Sending healing thoughts and energy, and headbumps from my gang.
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hope your kitty get well soon!
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Mittie's owners,

I merged your two threads about Mittie's behavior. It is less confusing this way!

I'm glad you found out why your kitty was so somber. I hope he gets better quickly.
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