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Meet Mufasa!!

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This is a stray that I've been trying to catch for well over a week now. I finally managed to catch him yesterday, and he was covered in grease, and matts. I took him into the SPCA this morning, but they were so full that they said they couldn't take him. They did shave all the mats off him for me though. The poor thing was so hard to catch, but once I brought him inside, he was an angel. He actually fell asleep when they were shaving him. He really stinks, so I need to give him a bath today, and all he's been doing in eating and drinking since he's kind of skinny.
He also has a big sore on his side, but I think it'll be ok because its scabbed over. Hopefully I'll be able to get him neutered and find him a good home soon. He is so big though. I think that once he gets weight back on him he'll easily be 20 lbs!!

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Wow! He does look like a big kitty!!!!! He's so pretty! Thank goodness you found and saved him!
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I know. He is such a sweetheart. I just felt so bad for him because he looked so skinny and scruffy. He looks so much better than he did before he shaved and brushed him. He still has a bunch of small mats on his belly, but he won't let me get at them just yet. The girl from the SPCA looked at his teeth and she thinks he around 5 years old.
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oh bless your heart for not giving up! he is a gorgeous boy. sending that life will be better for this young man from now on hopefully!
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Ooh if I only had room he is soo handsome
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awww I love orange cats..I've had 2 of them previously ...
1 crossed the rainbow bridge - the other I had to give up...
he's a beautiful cat.
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He is a handsome cat! He looks just like a cat we had about 6 years back named Kiddy. The face may be a little different. He was a HUGE cat!

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He is beautfiul!! Bless you for taking him in!!
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Aww hes so beautiful Love all that fluffiness He'll make a wonderful pet!
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Welcome to TCS Mufasa!
You´re sooooooo big!......
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