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Ok, so my boys are soon going to be four weeks old which, I believe is when I should begin to think about weaning them onto solid food. What should I start with? Wet food mixed with formula milk?

Tips appreciated.
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I can't say whether this is typical or not, but all efforts I made to encourage the kittens onto food failed miserably. Finally, I gave up. Two days later, I woke up and they all were chomping on mommy's always-available dry food.

I would say, just give mommy a little can of wet cat food where the kittens can see her, and make sure there is dry food out, and they'll figure it out on their own. Just be prepared, because as soon as they start eating on their own, they start pooping!
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Ah... I forgot to mention, they have no mother, they were orphaned at birth and I've hand raised them on syringed formula ever since.
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Hello People, I notice lots of people had read my post but not responded. I really would appreciate some advice from people who have weaned orphaned kittens.... Cheers Joy
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Wow it's strange nobody responded! Sorry about that.

I just went through this whole process. Mine didn't want to wean until about 6 to 7 weeks. But they kind of did it on their own. I always left science diet dry and nutro max dry available, as well as water (both food kitten style of course). They started nibbling but weren't too excited. Then I tried Nutro Max pouches. They only make tomato and chicken. They Loved that! So I kept them on that and still fed them with a bottle for a little while. As time went on they slowly stopped crying for a bottle.

My concern was that they weren't drinking any water, but as they got off they started and now they're fine.

I found that trying to make them wean didn't work. I had to let them be ready.

FYI I tried to use kmr step 2 to get them to wean but they didn't want anything to do with it.
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