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The Waiting Game..

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My darling Molly is pregnant and due anyday now..

She looks just as uncomfortable as I remember being at full term, She paces up and down and just drops to the floor when she runs out of energy

Shes showing no signs of giving them up just yet and the waiting is killing me

The babies are very active and i love nothing more to place my hand on her stomach to feel them pushing a paw againts me

I find it harder waiting for Molly than i did waiting for my own babies to come along

Molly is a grey tabby and was mated with a black male which has red colour coming through, I have to admit ive never seen this before but im sure many of you have. Would anyone be able to take a guess on what colour kittens we will be getting?

I will post a picture of Molly later and of the kittens whenever they decided to show themselves
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Kittens movement has eased off a little in the last couple of days, They are still kicking but just not as much..I guess that there just isnt as much room in there to do somersaults anymore

Molly is doing well and still eating lots but today she has decided that the place she needs to be is right beside me on the sofa and she has been sleeping all morning and doesnt look like she plans to do anything but..

Up until today she has choose to sit in the conservatory looking out of the window watching the world go by.

At night i shut her in my bedroom with me. She has a very large crate in there which i have covered over with a big sheet so it is all dark and private inside i also leave the door open so she can go in and out of it herself. I also have put lots of clean sheets on the floor of my walk in closet incase she should decide she wants to have them there.. Although she doesnt seem to want to sleep in any of these places and not even on my bed. She prefers just to sleep on the floor So i have laid a towel down there and she sleeps on this.

I have a kit ready to help her if she needs me but will just sit back and watch until that time..

She is showing no other signs so i guess im still just here waiting for the kittens to be fully cooked in there
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Emmie I have exactly the same Missy is 68 days today and I am proper freaking out I have rung my boss and said I cant come into work cos Missy has discharge so I htink she is going to have her kittens andnow all she wants to do is lay in her box and me to stroke her tummy my arm is aching so much!!!
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aww it seems you may be closer along than we are.. Molly really doesnt wanna give hers up

Good luck to you and Missy
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Oh My God Missy Has Just Giving Birth To Her First Kitten!!!

She Bit Me And Scratched Me Now She Has Had Another One!!!!!!!
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Congratulations.. I wish Missy and all her kittens the best of health.
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Mollys tummy has gone very tight and hard today so im guessing we dont have much longer to wait now..
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Good luck. Zelda had NO signs of going into labor. She was still eating, and everything. The only thing she did do was lose her mucus plug 3 days prior to having them, other than that. Nothing.... not till she was IN labor and the only reason I knew she was in labor was because I had been petting her when her belly got really hard and she sorta jumped up and moved around. It kept repeating itself & became obvious She was overly affectionate during this time as well. She actually wanted to birth her babies into my lap. She was pushing and I had to put her on the ground, where she proceeded to bite the heck out of my husbands shoe!!!!! LOL!!! ( Thank god I put her down, huh ? )

Anyway - Contractions in cat: Their entire belly gets hard, but just at THE END of her ribs it will start as a huge "ball" and work its way down to her lower half. The hard ball seems to get smaller when it goes lower. Eventually, the contractions will help push those babies out!!! - Ps, if your cat wants in your lap during delivery, I suggest not doing that, LOL!
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