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CRF question

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I have a question for those with any knowledge about or exerience with CRF. The other night I gave my cat her sub Q fluids & after I pulled the needle out she bled. It wasn't a horrific amount, but it was enough that I got some on my hand & that I wiped a large sized drop or two off of her a couple minuets later. It stoped fairly quickly so I wasn't too concerned, but I was wondering if this a sign of progression of the illness? Is this something I should be prepared for from now on, or is it possibl I just knicked a small vein & that's why she bled. I would like to know if I should expect it that way I will know to hold on to her after the fluids & have a tissue ready to hold on the spot I pull the needle from. I normally just let her go because she gets upset & holding her would only cause additonal stress. Any ideas or suggestions?
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It sounds like you hit a small vein. I don't think it's something you will have to worry about all the time. I just got done reading an article in the Cornell cat watch, and they were talking about a permanent injection site for fluids. It may be worth it for you to check out if she's getting fluids every day.
I know this is diffficult for you. It's not easy to care for a cat with CRF. Alot of people choose to put them to sleep, and you are one of the few and great people who choose to care for and love them
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There is a great website called www.felinecrf.com and this site gives you a lot of information. It helped me when I went through end stage CRF with my furbaby last November.
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