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my dad called me at 8.30 this morning to ask for help with their beloved abby x.

skip was my ex partners cat that my parents took a real shine to and so he began his life with them. that was 11 years ago when skip was 2. he really was my dad's best friend. every dad went, skip went too. dad would go upstairs for a nap in the afternoon and he'd just say 'c'mon skip. bed.' and skip would follow him like a little dog.

skip was a huge cat, not overweight, but really solid. we would make jokes about having to get the furniture reinforced to cope with him.

in january mum and dad realised that skip had lost a little weight. he was being sick quite frequently too. they took him to the vet and although x-rays and tests were done, nothing came up. skip continued to lose weight and his sickness became a daily event. despite many trips to the vet it was the last visit 3 weeks ago that it became apparent that skip had a lump in his intestines. he had lost so much weight by this stage but was amazingly well in himself. he was still going in the garden with dad for a walk and even caught a mouse!

my parents knew that time was running out and when they rang this morning they just wanted reassurance that they were making the right decision.

i saw skip 2 days ago and he had deterioated since then. he was wobbly on his feet and hadn't eaten since yesterday morning.

i called the emergency vet and she arranged to come over within the hour. during this time (how often do we see this) skip ate a few of his treats and went for a little walk into the garden. my parents were so distressed and fearful of letting him go too soon, but also terrified of their boy suffering.

the vet arrived and she examined skip. she said he was quite dehydrated and said that things would get bad for him really soon. the fact he was so thin, eating so little and now his kidneys were failing too.

skip went to sleep in my dad's arms, the place he loved the most. it was so peaceful but so terribly sad.

my parents have had cats all their lives (dad is 81, mum 77) and skip was their only cat. it will be the first time they have been without a cat. i'm so so sad for them.

please send lots of to my parents that they will understand that they did the best thing for their beautiful boy and that they will think of him and smile again one day.

RIP skip. look after mum and dad.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about Skip.
Sending lots of and Prayers to your Mom and Dad so that they come to realize that what they did for Skip was the right and loving thing to do, bless their hearts.

Rest In Peace, Skip
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So sorry about Skip
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I am so sorry about Skip, please assure them that they did the right thing. Remind them how much they loved Skip and how much Skip loved them.

It might would be nice to get your mom and dad another cat, maybe get them one from a rescue shelter.
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
I am so sorry about Skip, please assure them that they did the right thing. Remind them how much they loved Skip and how much Skip loved them.

It might would be nice to get your mom and dad another cat, maybe get them one from a rescue shelter.
as the day has gone on that has crossed my mind. i did do it before when mum lost her abby x tula, she was so upset for ages that i found little mitten who did put a smile back on mums face. mitten crossed the bridge 2 years ago at the age of 15.

now they are catless i must admit i am worried for my dad. skip was his baby. dad had a serious operation 14 months ago and all the time he was in hospital (which was weeks) he worried about skip. i took a photo of him in for dad to keep by his bed which all the nurses loved too.

dad would ring me in the evenings when mum was playing bridge, just to tell me what skip was up too. now he will be alone. they really were stupidly close.

i think i will wait a couple of weeks and then maybe broach the subject. i just can't imagine them coping without a cat around.

oh and of course it would be a rescue. that goes without saying.

thank you so much for your kind words.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Skip. I hope you and your parents find comfort in the fact that he had a wonderful life with your family. Rest in peace, sweet Skip.
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Oh this is so sad, i'm so sorry

R I P Skip, you were certainly loved

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That is so sad. I really feel for your parents but they did the right thing

Rest In Peace Skip
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of course they did the right thing, especially allowing Skip to leave from his favorite place & for your parents... Skip is happy & healthy once more, a kitten again over the bridge...

i think an older rescue would be just the ticket to help begin their healing.
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You parents sound like wonderful people.

Rest in peace beloved Skip.
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I'm sorry to hear about Skip. rest in peace.
i hope for the best for your family
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thank you everyone for your kind words. i will pass on to mum and dad the warmth and sympathy that has come from all you amazing people.

the suggestion of an older rescue cat is a wonderful one and i will keep you posted of any developements in that area.
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Please give my condolences to your parents. Being catless during a time of grieving is so very difficult. And there are so many, many cats desperately yearning for the love, attention and home that your parents can give them, I hope for the Kitty's sake that happens soon.
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