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Sunday - What's you plans?

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I'm just going to take it easy today, snuggle with Beauty, have a sleep (and probably get bunted out of bed by her ) I'm exhausted after work!

What's everyone else doing?
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i made peanut butter cookies this morning, the recipe was wrong but they still tasted okish. cleaned the bathroom, had a shower. took the bins out and doing the washing.

We are going out soon for a walk as its a lovely day here today and its only 2:30 pm
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John's going to go play paintball this afternoon so I'll have lots of time to myself (YAY! LOL). I'll probably just sit around on the computer most of the day and watch movies and relax after I get the cleaning done.
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We're going to Church for the first time this month because I read one of the lessons, and we'll go out to lunch afterwards.
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I'm going to hear my nephew sing in a concert of his city-wide boy's choir! Mom probably isn't coming along, because she's having a lot of pain from the ribs she broke last week.
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Skipped church to sleep in because something BIG was happening at the moose lodge last night that not only kept me up past midnight, but woke me up again at 3 a.m.!!! My husband said that the cops were out there around midnight, but not at 3. The reason it was such a big deal? The back of our house faces the lodge, and the parking lot was FULL of young teens blaring rap music in their cars, talking loudly, etc.

The extra sleep has left me feeling LESS grumpy, But I'm still annoyed at what happened and will be calling the lodge tomorrow and asking if it was a sanctioned event, or if they need to post private property signs or something. This cannot keep happening.
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I am off to the gym in a bit, and later I will be cleaning and putting away laundry. Maybe a nap
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I really need to clean my room! Seeing how it is raining, I won't be able to do yard work. If the rain lets up a bit, I will go to the cemetery. Other than that, I will cook and then relax for most of the day. Will do paperwork later on tonight.
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Probably just going to relax, read, surf the net. No plans for today and I like it that way!
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I'm off to Dh's grandmas 90th b-day today. Other then that, nothing again. I love not being employed ( for a week or so that is..). After a week or two, I'll be bored and need to work at something. I don't like unemployment. It's nerve racking.
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Sleeping, following the rest of the NFL draft, going to work tonight.
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I'm probably just going to be lazy today. Yesterday was the longest day. I helped my mom and a few of her friends put 80 DOZEN burritos together, and we were all a little crazy by the time it was done. I just feel like laying around online or playing videogames and stuff. Maybe I'll get up and take Roxie for a walk later, but besides that..
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Hmm, I'm going to finish my thesis, maybe adopt a new cat and do some laundry. Exciting, isn't it?
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Well is sunny and a bit less windy but SNOW predicted tonite!!!

We got the ceiling tiles and grid down from the family room and I removed the 5" of wallpaper from around the room. Some furniture moved out of the way too. I will have to wash that bit of wall around room. fill nail holes and do my decorative finish and paint even though Neil thinks that will be covered by our new ceiling.

But before I proceed we have to vaccuum the joists and the carpeting!!

So this afternoon I might work in another garden doing spring cleanup.
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I'm going with my SO to pick the future MIL up from the airport. Other than that......who knows!!!
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well, today am doing nothing! same old, same old LOL!
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I did the shopping and spoke too my mum about my real dad
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i had work this morning. yesterday was the pet festival and rabies drive so i worked 12 hrs straight yesterday and another day today so i'm thinking a nap would be lovely soon!
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