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Dumb question

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OK I know this is dumb but it's starting to bug me.

All the cats I've ever had would purr and stick their head under my hand so I'd pet them. I'd quickly figure out what part they wanted scratched. It was pretty obvious because they let you know.

Well that's not the case here. my little girl comes and plops down on my chest purring incredibly loud. Her eyes are nearly closed and it's pretty clear she wants some rubbin. But I can't figure out where she wants it. Sound stupid?

I rub the back of her neck, and she's ok for a few seconds but then starts moving her head to get to my hands. I put them in front of her and she'll lick them, then softly chew on them, then cram her head under again wanting more petting.

I've tried every conceivable spot to rub scratch or pet her but she doesn't stop this action.

Not sure how anyone could answer me, but thought I'd post anyway. I can't figure it out and I feel bad because I want to let her be happy being petted.
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Maybe she just wants a good cuddle. I've had cats that did that to me and ran away when I started to scritch them, but stayed when I simply let them lay across me.
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My oldest girl does that. She wants a head rub, not scratched... on her it is from when she was little( I bottle feed her, found her at 4 1/2 weeks) and she would hide her head in my hands from the light.

She just wants loving

good luck
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