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Anyone have old Cats that Play?

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Coco has been playing alot even though she is 16.She was even chasing Balls which she has not done in a long time.
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Definitely! If you start a game (e.g. pulling cord under door) Pandy gets right into it, jumping around like she was 2, instead of (also) 16! And she still plays hockey with little things as long as I keep the two male 'kids' out of her way.
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Lily is 11 and is always trying to start a game, usually when you're trying to tie your shoelaces and are late for work.
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yep - I have 5 cats between the ages of 8 and 17 (some fosters), and all like to play - the 17 plays the least, cos i have yet to find 'that toy' that does it for her. Even the 15yo with CRF plays!!
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Katie's who's almost 15, still plays chase with the younger kitties, especially Peter, who's 11 years younger than her. She also loves playing "get the cat" which involved me chasing her.
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My Stumpy is 13 and still playing hard. He doesn't jump for Da Bird like the other cats, but he'll stand on his back legs and pull it down to him.

I just realized the other day that my youngest cats are 5. In a few years I'll have nothing but seniors in my house. I hope they all continue to play.
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Before my dear Fred went to the Bridge at the age of 18, he played for most of his life. It was only after he became ill that he did not play, but he would for a few minutes on a good day. I still have his favorite toy, and the others love it. It is a wand with a suede tassel on it.
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Coco loves the teasers and Catnip Toys. what is strange is she is chasing balls again.
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Definitely. My elder kitties love/loved to play even more so then my youngest cat.

My RB cat Sphinx (18 years old) loved to play with strings and feathers up until the last few days before he passed, even though he had to rest because of a heart murmur.

Kuce (15) will play with just about anything that moves and Luvbug (8) will only play with strings.
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Spooky was still playful at time up to the last year we had him. Then he started to really sleep a lot more and not as interested in playing.
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