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Farley is a Grand

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Farley is now a Grand Champion after doing well at todays show

Best Ocicat exhibit in rings 1 & 3
and best coat/colour/texture in ring 3

Ana (1st adult show) got best Ocicat exhibit in ring 2
and 3rd best group 3 neuter in ring 2
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Congratulations to Farley and to you!!! And of course, Congrats to Ana for her wins, as well.
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Way to go Farley!! WOOT!!
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Nice job Farley!
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Thanks everyone

I just found out Farley's dad is now a Silver Champion, so a great day for Oci's across Australia
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Way to go Farley. That's wonderful - congrats to both of you
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Congrats Amanda and Farley???

Do we get cake from you too??? GK had cake....
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Not sure if the Aussie do that "tradition" at their shows. But if not, then I'll just make another cake for Farley and we can all share the good news.
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No cake here
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You need to start that tradition over there Next show just bring in a 1/2 sheet cake and have the show manager annouce there is cake for the other exhibitors to celebrate your cat's grand
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Way to go Farley & Amanda!
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