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I think my cats in labor :)

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Her name is Princess Zelda On the 15th I actually caught some footage of her kittens going all crazy in her belly, but they had been moving prior to that...

This is actually HER as of today on video...

As you can see, VERY pregnant!!!

Anyway. I noticed a lot of discharge down by her bottom tonight. She can't lick it cause she cant reach so I have been using wipes and cleaning her off. I'd hate to leave it and have it get stuck in her fur.

I've made her a baby birthing box. She does not seem to interested but I sit next to it with her and pet her till she lays down in it. As soon as I get up, she comes too. She's clearly not comfy, and wants me with her at all times... She snacked a bit today, but hasnt really "eaten" as she normally does.

So, Im pretty sure its time... I assume by tonight, or even tomorrow we should have some kittens Im so excited!
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Not all cats will stop eating before they deliver, but for those that do, what a handy impending sign!

Congratulations and Good Luck!!!
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no kittens yet I hear they can have discharge for like 3 days - week, but I know she has to have them by the 29th for sure... So, its just waiting I guess...
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upate: still NO kittens. SHe lost her plug, I ended up having to cut it out of her fur. She is getting more and more irritated. She switches her "spot" constantly. She is eating less and less. She may take a few bites, but after that she tries to bury her food for later ( shes weird, even if there is no dirt, she pretends to bury it ) but... I guess we are just waiting on HER!
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Judging from what you're describing, she sounds as if she'll have them anytime now. My Salem was really restless too just before she went into labor, and followed me everywhere. She never completely stopped eating, either. She actually ate her breakfast (canned food) about an hour or so just before she went into labor.

Congratulations, and good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly when the time comes!

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Still no kittens. She is still eating, but I did notice today that her funbags are really low, as is her belly, and they are swollen even more so. Shes sleeping a lot now, and seems a lot more irritable than usual.

I guesstimated her due date to be today, or tomorrow - I hope its not in the middle of the dang night, LOL! Although, I am ready for whenever... I cant wait
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I hate when they have in the middle of the night. Coco did that. She wassnt living with me then because teh apartment I lived in didnt allow Pets. My Brother went to bed around 1am and there was none. He went in there at 6am and there was 3 Kittens. I was mad because it was Moving day and I had to leave her behind. I hope yours are born in the daytime.
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lol... yeah, Hoping for day time. My old cat baby ( RIP ) always alerted me when she was having babies ( before the whole spay your cats deal came out back when I was like 9 or so lol ) ... always during the day!

Heres to hoping. SORRY you missed out on yours! stinkers..
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I was expecting (no pun intended! ) for Salem to go into labor during the night too. I guess I figured that cats would be about the same as humans. But I got lucky, and she started delivering around 11 AM, and finished around 1:30 PM, and I was with her the entire time. It was so exciting! And I'm glad I was with her, b/c the first baby was born breech. But thankfully, she was able to deliver w/o any help!

I hope you're able to be with your Momma cat, too! It's so cool to experience the miracle of birth!!

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lol thanks for the good luck
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