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Will it ever stop?

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DH calls it a hobby, I call it an obsession. He has two older camaros, a Z28 and IROC. We barley have money to pay our bills and he's always buying stuff so he can "restore" these cars. I always hear him talking to his friend about buying this for the car, buying that for the car. I'm just worried one day I'll get fed up and want a divorce. And he wants kids in a few years, YEAH RIGHT.
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My ex was like that..always buying stuff for his cars. Our money was seperate though so it didn't affect me.

If it really affects your money situation in a negative way, perhaps you need to talk to him seriously about his spending habits?
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Ohh I know how that goes!! The problem here is we take turns buying stuff for our cars!! My car is better! haha I have a 79 poniac firebird, limited edition, LADYBIRD!! Designed for a woman! hehe
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We've had talks before. He knows how I feel about him putting toys before bills. The fact the he doesn't have any friends that are in relationships probably doesn't help either. His best friend is 28, doesn't really have a job and lives with his Dad!!!!!! This guy is into all the car stuff too. Sometimes I think DH fails to realize that he's not single. Most the crap he pulls is something a single guy with no sense of responsibility would do.
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Eww thats not good... You have to pay bills before you can play... Which is why my car hasn 't been played with in a while! He needs to meet some other guys his own age that are in relationships and maybe now living with there mommy and daddy???
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