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Help To Report Abused Puppy!!??

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I need some desperate advice about a possibly malnourished puppy and I need it FAST. But this is about a puppy, not a kitty, but either way, we’re animal lovers and we care about any animal.

My best friend, Leah, of 10 years has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that’s under a year old named Kiwi. She was born last October 2007 and they purchased her, for $2,000, in December of 2007. Kiwi is such a doll baby and very sweet and playful. I love her very much and I want to get this dog saved.

Over time, I’d go over Leah’s house and stay overnight and hang out, etc. She also has 4 cats, but they all seem to be fine and very healthy. But cats are different than dogs. They use a box, eat whenever they want—you don’t have to worry about putting them out, training them, etc. However, Kiwi seems otherwise unhealthy. For a young puppy, Kiwi is very “bony” and thin, has bad breath, urinates very little and both of her bowls are always empty. I can understand the food bowl being empty—but not the water bowl. As an animal lover and proud owner of 2 awesome cats and a dog, it’s VERY important for animals to have fresh and clean water at ALL times. My pets drink water like crazy.

Anyway, although I am not there all the time, I cannot help but highly suspect that Leah is not feeding her enough or leaving Kiwi hardly any water. Leah has told me that the vet told her that Kiwi is fine and healthy and that feeding her once a day is perfectly normal. I think she’s lying as she’s the “lying” type. Although I am not the type of person to argue or dispute her claims, I finally opened my mouth and mentioned to her that I honestly don’t feel you are feeding her enough food for “once a day.” She has told me she’s tired of everyone telling her what to do and how to care for her pets. I don’t know what to do, I have known her for 10+ years and I don’t want to do this to her as a friend, but I cannot bare to see this puppy the way she is any longer and I really want to find a way to save this puppy before she even dies, which is what will likely happen if she keeps up this “schedule” for this poor animal. Even if it means having the puppy taken away from her, it’s for the best interest of the dog. Leah likes animals, she can be selfish, loves all the attention and wants things because they’re cute, etc, but doesn’t seem to like to take the time to properly care for them, a.k.a a puppy.

Problem is, Leah does not really know a lot of people around her apt. complex and I do not drive so I cannot really think of anything to get the puppy taken from her, like anonymously report this malnourishment abuse, etc. If I reported her, she would immediately know it’s me. She’s had some people over, but I don’t know if they too feel the same way about the dog and I have mentioned to her my concerns, but I don’t know who else does. It’s risky, but I’m really aching for this dog.

My mother feels horrible as well and has offered Leah to drop Kiwi off once in a while and we would care for her during the day, this way we could “feed Kiwi and give her water.” Plus we have a small dog so the dogs could play outside since we have a HUGE property.

My mom loves animals and cannot bare it when people mistreat animals. My parents don’t want anymore animals or anything, so when Mom told me to tell Leah to bring the dog over once in a while, I was shocked—considering the puppy is not really house broken, lol. But she’s a dog-person. I’m more of a cat person, but I love dogs too and I love all animals, lol. Mom has seen Kiwi once, but never had any “physical contact” with Kiwi and if she did, she too would say “she’s very bony.” I have told Mom about this past weekend when I stayed over Leah’s, how the puppy was in the bathroom standing at the tub edge and licking the faucet, obviously indicating she was thirsty and looking for water. I told this to Leah and offered to give the dog some water and Leah was like, “no, she’s on a schedule.” I have no idea why what makes her think like this, and my Mom told me that since the puppy is not fully housebroken yet, she must withhold her water to keep her from peeing on the carpet. (That’s what Mom thinks and I pretty feel the same way, but we can only assume.) So, Leah was cleaning the bathroom and so I went into the kitchen, Kiwi followed me. I picked up a bowl, filled it with some water and she lapped up that water so fast. Leah never knew. Also, the puppy peed on the carpet and it’s so little urine. This too tells me she’s not getting enough water and this is very dangerous for an animal. She can get kidney failure among other illnesses. Also, for being a young dog, it’s not very common for them to get bad breath, is it? I mean, I think maybe she has bad breath because she’s already getting ill from lack of water and proper nutrition. Who feeds their dog, let alone a growing puppy, ONCE a day?? And god knows how MUCH food she gives the poor dog. I also suspect this has been going on for quite a while as every time I see the dog, about once every few weeks, she has not changed and she’s the same.

So….how am I going to possibly report this animal and have her taken away without getting “suspected??” Even if I have to lie a little, I will, but nothing that will get me in trouble. This animal’s life is at stake and I am even losing sleep over this dog. Mom’s afraid to do something because we could get in trouble, although she wishes we could. I told her that there’s just HAS to be a way and that I would find one. I remembered this site and decided to come here and post here since I know everyone here seems very sweet, caring, majorly concerned about any animal (an animal is an animal, cat, dog, horse, etc) they have feelings, too! And, I figured there would be an “off topic” section her as well where I could post this, lol. If there are any “plans” or advice you’d like to share, I would sincerely appreciate it SO much! Feel free to ask anything you want and I will try my best to answer. I’m just really overwhelmed right now. I may not keep this dog, but if it’s possible to find a better place for her, I would definitely be more at ease and so would the dog’s health. Leah won’t be happy but, oh well. And, she’s pregnant! So, let’s see if she’s going to “withhold food and water from the baby to keep from changing diapers.”

PS-Cat related: Some of you may remember me when I posted about my rescued cat, Jade. Just letting you know that I did get to keep him and he’s doing fantastic. He’s a great cat, great personality and my parents warmed up to him with time and now they love him. Dad likes to play with him and Mom likes how alert and funny he is. He’s a real joy, very handsome boy, very sweet. One of the best cats I’ve had. He’s very attached to me, lol! He’s very healthy, loves his “dinnertime” and snuggling with me, lol. Here’s a photo of him. I named him Jade after his beautiful green eyes, lol. I never had a male cat so I could not think of a good name. Had plenty of female names in mind, though. This is our first male pet, too.

Here's a photo of my baby:
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Well Im going through the same thing with a pit bull at the moment and I said screw it and reported it anyway, who cares if they knew who did it! Its not like Im every going to let them babysit or have them at my house for coffee! There was no other way to get the dog out alive, and I couldn't stand it! So since she's always outside we fed and watered her and played with her, and went to some trouble finding a shelter that would take her in without putting her to sleep! The whole pit bull myth... yeah right!

I say put your fears aside and call your local animal rescue, humane society, aspca, or animal control! It will be okay, whether you lose a friend or not, you're not really losing one thats the kind of friend you can count on in a crisis! Good luck!
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glitch is right!
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Gotta it to the authorities.

Since this is an SOS situation (even if it isn't a Cat SOS) I'll move this to SOS.
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The only thing I can come up with is to go to the ASPCA, report to them about disturbance (constant barking) and witness to possible under-nourishment....and let them go to the apt. and look at the dog and decide on what to do....I hope I can do this anonymously....
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I dont think it should matter if you do it anonymously or not hon... Its for the well being of the dog, call them and tell them that the dog is not being fed or watered, figure out what the dogs weight is, and what it should be, at the very least they'll check on the dog to make sure its not being taken care of. Even if its a medical condition it IS ILLEGAL not to take your pet to the vet when they're sick! I know it stinks having to get cought up in the matter, Im there right with you right now! Its a hard decision to make, I know! Is the dog male or female? I have the breed already so I can check on the weight if I know exactly how old, and what sex...
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It's hard because this is my friend for 10 years. I am already beginning to think she has problems and doesn't want to admit it. The dog is not sick....yet, well, prolly already is but has not seemed to show any definite symptoms.

Kiwi is a female and was born in Oct. 07' so I would say she's 6-7 months old. She's very bony I'm not sure about the weight though, but she's light. She doesn't seem to have any "meat" on her bones. I will talk to my mom tomorrow about going to the ASPCA and reporting everything. I know the apt. location. apt. number and all that (obviously!)

I didn't know, but is it seriously illegal not to take sick pets to the vet?? I never really knew that, I mean, I only take my pets to the Dr. if they REALLY need it. The vet is SO expensive and it's hard to find a decent priced vet. But we love our pets and cannot be without em! But I didn't really think that was

I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for moving my topic to the right thread, lol. I wasn't sure! :-)
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It sounds like your friend has enough problems that she should not own pets. She is torturing this poor puppy and it is unfair. Report her. I don't think you could rest until you knew the puppy was safe. If the dog dies of malnutrition you would never feel the same about this friend much less the guilt you will feel.Give the puppy a chance at a good life.
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Originally Posted by Aja View Post
It's hard because this is my friend for 10 years.
She could have been my friend for 25+ years, but if she's not treating an animal right i'd still report her.

Being hungry as you know isn't nice, but we can help ourselves to something to satisfy the hunger pangs, this poor animal can't, so you need to speak up for it
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I agree, even if this person has been your friend for years, if they're not feeding/watering their puppy, report it. Whether it's anonymous or not. I would feel horrible if I was in the same situation and I didn't speak up, and it ended up dying.
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I would not care who it was that had this puppy, I would report it, heck I would report my own children if that was the case.

Animals do not have a voice to tell people anything, they rely on the love of humans to take care of them and love them. I could not live with myself if I saw something like this and did not do anything.

I also would not care if they found out who did it either.

Good luck in this situation, please keep us updated on it.
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Any updates on this situation??
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my friend of 30 years had a border collie. things were ok in the begining until her husband moved back in after being separated. this dog was always shut out in the garden. he was bullied and hit by the husband. final straw was that a smashed cistern lid was left at the end of their garden by the husband (i think on purpose). the dog used to run the same path up and down where he was so bored and distressed. he ran onto the cistern lid which sliced into his front leg, severing an artery.

my friend rang me in tears (she had no car) and i rushed the dog to the vet. he lost an incredible amount of blood on the way in and the vet said later that he was minutes from death.

the dog never returned to my friends. i took him home and will have had him 4 years this august. it was either that or i said i would report her and her husband for cruelty and neglect.

please report your friend or you may risk having that dog's death on your conscience.
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