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Hissy Fit

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My youngest kitty, Mooooo, hisses at me constantly. Sometimes she hisses while I am playing with her with a string or other toy. She hisses sometimes when I pour food in her bowl. I was just picking up some clothes on the floor and she was sleeping under a nearby chair and when I realized she was under there, she hissed!

She never attacks or lashes out violently but I have never seen this kind of behavior. She only does this with me. I am also the only one that she will cuddle with but only on her terms.

Anyone have any insight to this behavior?
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How long has she been with you? Has anything happened that may have scared, upset, or hurt her? When was her last checkup?
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I found her in a sewer when she was a baby. She was malnourished and she is small for her age now.

I take her to her check-ups and she has always gotten a good bill of health. I've never asked about the hissing though. I boarded her once with the vet and they basically told me that she growled the whole time and was very anxious. They had to place her crate in a dark room with a blanket over it.

I am starting to think she is ridden with anxiety. When I play with her for a while, she will start to hiss and breathe heavily (huffing). I stop playing with her because I think she's aggravated but she comes back with her toy. Yet, other times when I play with her under the door when I'm in one room and she's in the other, I can hear her purring the whole time!

She is a very weird cat. Once we heard her meowing really loud and she was backed up in a corner petrified of a cricket that was near her! All of my other cats I've had throughout the years love bugs!
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I have never experienced it, but there are members here with cats that behave strangely when their humans use a certain cologne or shampoo. Could this be possible in your case?
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It may be that you need one of the scent mood modifiers (Feliway or something like that), or it may even be that she needs to be medicated for anxiety. MaddoxMom's experience seems to bear this out.
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