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cat and 6 two week old kittens

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So I have a momma and kittens here until Monday. Is there anything special I should be doing or will momma be able to do it all herself?
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Momma cat should be eating high quality kitten food available at all times. She should not be allowed outdoors and should even be confined to a small room/area/crate with the kittens. Watch that she is feeding them, helping them eliminate, not laying on them or pushing them away... Where did they come from? Why do you only have them a few days?
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She was on a transport that couldn't get a driver past me, so the are staying here until Monday and I'm meeting the rescue who is taking them midway between us. She is on Science Diet kitten right now (not my choice but I'm not going to change her when she just got off an 8 hour car ride and will be going on another 3 hour one on Monday). None of my kitties have ever gone outside, and she is closed in the spare bathroom with her babies in a large box with one side cut low so mama can get out easily but the babies can't. She seems to be feeding them and cleaning them very well. The box is pretty spotless, and the kittens move around quite a bit for being so young, and they mew at me.
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Then you are doing fine, just relax and enjoy their company for a couple days.
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well, you spoke too soon. One of the babies, the smallest, has a goopy eye and just doesn't seem right. I haven't seen her nurse, but when I walk in, the mom jumps up and runs towards me, so I'm trying to stay out so she'll nurse them. I don't have any KMR or anything to supplement and there are no stores open right now that have it. Petco is closed as I the place I buy my pet food. What do I do?
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If there is a Drug Mart by you, they sell a baby kitten formula I believe it is in liquid form already. Not AS good as KMR but the next best thing. They have bottles too. You might have to take the kitten from the mother if it isn't eating, make sure the kitten stays warm and bottle feed him. Warm the bottle up a little. He can stay with mom if she is grooming him and not crushing him or anything so that he can stay warm. If you are not comfortable keeping him with mom unsupervised, throw some rice in a sock and microwave it a bit and tuck him in a box or something with blankets and the rice pack nearby for warmth.

He will need to eat and eliminate every 2-3 hours or so.
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Oh and for the eye, just use a cotton ball with some warm water on it and gently wipe the goop off the eyes.
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well I might have spoken too soon. I just went in and all are nursing, scrambling around for the best spot. I will keep cleaning the eye, but mommy is cleaning them well, and he/she was right there nursing with the others. SO I think we're ok for now.
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