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Actually, they know that homing pigeons use magnetics to "home".
This is one of the things we studied when I took the class Mechanisms of Animal Behavior. Too long to go into here how they figured it out, but is should be published in an old issue of Scientific American.

If you tie a magnet to a pigeon it will not be able to find it's way home. If you put in opaque contact so it cannot see and then drive it all over the place and release it, it will still make it home.

Another interesting but off topic tidbit... honeybees use the polarization patterns in the sky to communicate where pollen sources are to the rest of the hive. Returning bees will "dance" the polarization pattern on a vertical surface of the hive. This was a fascinating experiment to watch.
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That is a white racing pigeon (often mistakenly called Homing pigeons), it's also a he, not a she

He is simply lost, probably a young bird, or he was just lost in heavy winds.
Most releasers will not release during adverse weather conditions.

I used to race pigeons as a kid with my brother, and I've often thought about starting a loft of whites for occasion releases.

ETA: Actual doves are never, ever released, they have no homing instinct whatsoever, it would be the death of every dove released.
Most people with a white loft for occasion releases keep a few white ringneck doves for display cages at weddings etc, but only pigeons are released.
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