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Our cat loves to climb mattresses

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We had some company and had to bring a mattress out of storage for the company to sleep on and when they left, we had the mattress standing up in a corner for a few days before putting it back in storage. It was safe/secured, held in place by a large table on one side and the wall on the other.

Anyway, our cat ABSOLUTELY LOVED climbing up the side of the mattress and hanging out up top. She would roll around all roly-poly like on top, stretch to touch the ceiling, and snooze up there. It was really adorable.

My question is what kind of thing can we buy/build for her that she might like as much? She has never liked sissal, and most of the commercial cat condos seem to have that on there.

Also, we will be in a REALLY small apartment for a few months this summer and we'd prefer not to have a huge condo. We just need something tall that she can climb and that has a perch on top.

I'm just not sure what material she'd enjoy climbing as much as the mattress.

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She obviously likes heights. Maybe simple shelves will do. Maybe something like this
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