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Going International!

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Here's a list of countries from which we've had visitors this May:

Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Mexico, France, Spain, Guatemala, Brazil, Norway, Russian Federation, Austria, Portugal, Malaysia, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Croatia/Hrvatska, Greece, Bolivia, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Columbia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Ireland, Jordan, Namibia, Taiwan, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Isn't it wonderful to know that cat lovers from all over the world visit the site?

Dear visitors, please join the forums and introduce yourselves here! I'd love to talk to people from all those countries!
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Wow, that is incredible Anne.
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That is really great Anne. And i though i was the only exotic one....
I want to tell you how much i really appreciate all you are doing for all cat lovers. I truly admire what you do.
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Thanks Billie!

I guess you're one of the Bulgarian visitors (there were 4-5 other visitors from your country!)

Why don't you add your location to your profile? I think it's so nice to see where everyone's from.
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The reach of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. I now have email buddies in Africa, New Zealand and Holland. I will probably never get there on my own power, so it is really neat to read about their lives when they care to share it!
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:laughing: Isn't it amazing that people can come together from all over the world because of their love of cats. There are no boarders with the heart.
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I agree! It is wonderful! It is the love of our little friends and the hard work of Anne and any others that have helped and built this site that have made this family what it is! A strong bond can never be broken!
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:laughing2 Hey, we might have something here!! Why don't we send this web site to our wonderful goverment officials so they can see how it's done! People can & do get along. No boarders!
I must be dreaming
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Great work Anne!

How are you feeling? Better I hope. That's great that people from all over the world can get together in once place and talk about our passion

You are to be commended! Now I can tell everyone I have friends all over the world!

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That is just so amazing!

Anne, you and the members of this site touch, amuse, educate, and enlighten so many people, I just never realized just how many until now...Thank You!


p.s. Seeing how many people visit and (hopefully) join this site, it seems even more amazing that so many of us are in Oregon...says something about us Oregonians eh?
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