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How will you spend your rebate?

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Just curious as to if and how you plan to spend your tax rebate (The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008) -- up to $600 for US taxpayers. Checks start coming next week.

Seeing as how I had $450 due on my recent 2007 tax return, I figure a $600 check will only net me $150 -- about two months' gas money, I suppose. But I'm going to need a new computer soon, so I guess that would be my answer: a new computer.

Anybody planning to actually save their rebate?
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I'll get 300$. I don't have any special plans for it, but we owe our new apartment in Philly over 3,000$ before we move in, so it's prolly gonna go towards that. Or my one credit card bill. I'll have to think about it.

I can't spend it on anything fun, that's for sure.
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I bought an elliptical machine a couple months ago. So my tax refund and the stimulus payment will go towards that. But I have a year to pay it off with no interest fees. I'm letting all that money stay in savings to collect interest, then I'll pay it off at once.
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Some of it will go toward bills. We desperately need a new dishwasher so we'll be getting one of those. Possibly a new TV, though we have vastly different opinions on what is required. (It's to replace the one in the bedroom that is seriously dying...I think one about the same size would be fine, Earl wants to replace the main TV with a spiffy LCD Hi-Def blah blah blah.) I do want some of it to go to savings, too, but that amount keeps getting smaller with the more stuff that's breaking/dying (appliance wise)!
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I am unemployed, so mine will go toward household stuff as needed. It is a bad time for me to be without a paycheck since yesterday was my granddaughter's 3rd b-day, and our best friend of 30+ years is getting married next weekend, and my SO is the best man. Things will work out, though, they always seem to.
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I still owe $1400. I won't get one, which is fine. I want to pay this off before the summer is over anyway.
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The entire check is sitting inside my oil tank in the basement already. It will literally pay for PART of my most recent heating oil delivery.

Oh well...it's only going to get worse, so we may as well get used to it.
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We are using our rebate and refund (about $3000) to pay off my student loans ($36,000 in all). That should knock off a few years of payments.
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Well I will tell you what our intentions were and what they are now:

1. A new lawn push mower (helps me make money in the spring and summer)
2. rest in savings

What it has been changed to depending on if my calculations were right:
1. same as above a new lawn mower
2. Me, the husband, and kids are taking a vacation. We have never been on one as a family and after the bad past couple of years we deserve this. So we are taking the boys to Wild Adventures in May (late May).
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
....Oh well...it's only going to get worse, so we may as well get used to it.
Part of me says, yes that's right, and the other part says, that's too depressing.....I hope I don't get used to it, else I might forget that once things were better.

When you think of what it costs to live today, $600 gets used up pretty fast on just the essentials.
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Some will be going into savings. I could use a new TV - the one that I bought last year is out of warranty and of course, the picture tube is now going out (I won't buy THAT brand again).
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well, since over the last few months, i have picked up a new tv, playstation 3,and had my truck fixed, oh yea and picked up new rifle. payed my illegal income tax.

so unless something else breaks its just going into the bank
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catching up on bills i got behind in while i was jobless for the past 4 months.
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DH and I were joking that we would donate to our favorite political candidate, so that in the long run, we can control our taxes better.

It's either that or a new cat condo for the kids.
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My car needs new tires. I also need to have a crown (which insurance only pays half.) Obviously, none is going to be saved here....
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I hope to get a small welder so I can do the modifications I want to do on my hot rod. And I guess we need to get an HDTV.
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I have to pay my property taxes with my rebate check. My property taxes are almost $2,000. I don't know what I'm gonna do next year! I can't save money anymore because of the price of gas, food, and the winter heating bill. I heard that natural gas is going to increase 25% next winter. I am really burned out on the mess this country is in!
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I am unsure... a few months ago it would have been bills but that issue is alot better now ...likely a splurge for the animals ... like that 7 ft kitty condo I so want for the new cat room
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Vacation in New York City!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

So much for saving....
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Well seeing that we already spent $1250 on lumber and milling for our family room ceiling and we aren't done buying lumber yet......

Can't forget that new chainsaw just purchased and the truck needs new tires and an alignment.

I'd say its pretty well spent!!
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Paying bills. Mostly vet bills.
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Most of it is going to my female Somali I am waiting for. And the extra I am deciding between new carpet for my bedroom or a new show cage for the cats. Might save some for my daughter's school shopping in the fall.
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We plan on putting part in savings (towards next year's tax assessment for street work in our block) and paying off (or close to) one of the credit cards. We don't plan on just going out and spending it.

BTW if you don't break it down and put on paper WHERE the money will be spent, then it will disappear fast and you won't know where it went. We did that with our normal tax refund money - its been divided up into certain things
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Just curious as to if and how you plan to spend your tax rebate
Motorcycle tires. The motorcycle used to be a toy, but with gas prices being what they are now, it's been pressed into service as full time transportation. I only take the car when I shop for groceries.

When your only storage is a tank bag, it sure cuts down on the impulse purchases
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The $0 I'll be getting isn't going to be very useful.
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Mine will be divided up into savings, credit card & then I'm going to take a little bit & buy some new, much needed clothing for spring/summer.
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Was hoping for home improvement, but since so many unexpected expenses came up I will try to put as much as possible towards bills.
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Originally Posted by mschauer View Post
The $0 I'll be getting isn't going to be very useful.
Being in Canada and all
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I wish I could spend it, all of it has to go to bills. How fun
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Mother's Day Presents!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to get for her yet but it will be nice.
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