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Variable BM's - Food change or something else?

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I started switching my kitten over from SD Kitten to Innova Dry (red bag, not EVO) for obvious reasons but also because she has had a horrible stinky butt since I got her. When I did a search I found many people using SD Kitten had the same problem with their kittens. I was already planning to switch her over to Innova when I ran out, but just couldn't wait any more.

On Saturday I started the switch and used just a handful of Innova mixed in with the SD (about 1/4 to the SD). That day she started having a bit of diarrhea which at the time I thought was from the Natural Balance Turkey canned the night before (which she's eaten a lot before but this was a new can so I thought maybe it was a bit off or something). Since I thought it was the NB canned, I went back to using the Nature's Variet Raw (chicken) medallions. She gets these pretty regularly and sure enough her BM's became firm again for another 3 days.

I had to refill her bowl of dry around Tuesday night and this time made the bowl about half and half SD/Innova since she seemed to be doing fine on the 1/4 Innova mix (the butt problem was still there which is why I upped it a bit faster than normal). Well, sure enough on Wednesday she had very runny poo, even getting the medallions twice a day. I then switched her back to the NB canned for her wet meals and the poo is slowly firming up again. Since she's had diarrhea on both the NB and the NV raw I have to think this is all related to the dry food switch. I'm not going to up her dry to more than half/half until I can better tell if this is what's causing it.

The primary reason I'm concerned is because she had coccidia when I first got her. We treated her for a week and she was 100% normal for 2 weeks. This is when the diarrhea started up. I know that if coccidia returns it usually happens at 2 weeks, but I assume that if it is coccidia again that she wouldn't be fluctuating so much. If it's coccidia wouldn't it be constant diarrhea? I should also mention that her "aunt" was recently tested positive for Tritrichomonas foetus. She was kept in a separate area from the aunt but the breeder told me to keep an eye on it just in case. Regardless, I would think that if she was infected with TTF it would again be constant diarrhea, not a day or two here and there.

So, does it sound like coccidia may have returned, TTF or just her stomach adjusting to the new dry food? As long as she isn't having constant diarrhea I'm holding off from taking her back to the vet, so I wanted to get everyone's thoughts here in the meantime.

Thanks as always everyone!
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No one has any input?
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I tend to change the food in 10% increments, upping the new food ratio every 5 days. I've never had any issues because it is so slow a change.

You could try going to back to the SD entirely for a few days to see if the stools go back to normal after a few days.
Or you could just take her in.

Zoey just didn't like or tolerate most of the better brands. I've had to readjust my dietary expectations to what she can handle.
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Could it be that she's just having a bad "reaction" to the Innova? Maybe there's one or more ingredients in the Innova that her system can't process very well. For example, twice I fed Innova canned to Bobert, who has a cast-iron stomach, and he puked it up both times.

It can get expensive and is time-consuming, but would you be willing to try different brands? Or are you insisting on feeding Innova for some reason?
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Maybe the Innova is too rich? I tried my cat on Wellness core, and he had chronic diarrhea on it...we went to something with less protien and some grain, and things are back to normal...again, it is all just what agrees with your cat...good luck!
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I'm not committed to Innova but she was having these problems on the SD kitten which is why I started switching before she ran out of that. I decided to take her back to the vet today and they didn't find any coccidia. The vet went ahead and put her on metronidazole in case she does have a little parasite. He also gave me probiotics to give her daily to re-establish the flora in her gut. Hopefully this will help but I'm still very concerned that it might be TTF. If so, this drug won't help so I guess we'll know something in a few days.

Any suggestions for food that is known to help with diarrhea?
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