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What A Smart Kitty!

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A regular Einstein, I tell you.

For weeks I've been thinking I would make my own scratching post for Lena and Larry. Larry acts like he'd really use one. They don't scratch the furniture, (that I know of - I've never seen them do it) and I wouldn't care if they did. But Larry loves to stretch and scratch the walls. It must be very unsatisfying that he can't dig his claws into the walls. And it screetches like fingernails on a blackboard.

So, I picked up a flat piece of plywood that was sitting by the elevator to be thrown out....good for the base, I figured. It's been sitting around the apartment for weeks, propped up against a wall, waiting for a scrap of 2x4.

Yesterday, I walked by the lumber store and asked the guy if he had any 2x4 scraps. He gave me one, I said the kitties would be happy, he said, "Ah! Scratching post!" The next step was a remnant of carpet.

I carried that 2x4 to work, then home again. When I got home, I thought I'd do the nailing of the 2x4 to the flat piece, and I was saying to the kitties, "Look! You're gonna get a scratching post!"

I laid the flat piece on the floor, went to get the nails, and I turned around and Lena was walking right up to the piece, put her front paws on it, stretched and scratched!

I was so proud!!!!
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Well done Lena, such a good kitty!

Just Larry's turn now...
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Sounds like they are very pleased with your 2x4.

You could probably just leav it there and they'd be fine!
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