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Brady thinks he's a dog!

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Did I bring him up wrong?
Does it come from living with dogs?
Or are some cats just 'doggier' than others?

First off, when we eat in the dining room, Sophia lies under the table because her place is with her people. Zircon sits nearby in case there are going to be bones. But Brady sits next to me and begs like a dog. He stares at me. Doesn't matter whether breakfast or dinner. If it's breakfast he might score a little piece of bacon or egg. And dinner, well, I'll share a shred of meat with him.

Then when I come home, Sophia welcomes me at the front door like i'm a celebrrity, but Brady is right nearby. Ok he runs to his food bowl when I come in, but still, it's not like he's lounging on the couch or anything.

What else ... Brady roughhouses. Ok he can't get too rough since he's only 13 lbs, but he likes to box with me.

Is this a normal cat?
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well, since my dog acts like a cat sometimes, it might be your dogs' influence, like my cat's have influenced Vino

Does Brady play fetch? that would be the final straw- I would say he was a true dog then
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Ack no, he doesn't play fetch.
But my dog Zircon does something odd- he has a certain way of whining that he only does if he is near the cat. It is almost as if he is trying to meow. I'm not kidding, I can be in the other room and if Zircon whines that special way, I know that he is close to Brady. Odd, no?
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Zircon is trying to communicate When Vino pees out in the yard he scratches like cat covering their business
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It's also funny when I go to the treat cabinet to do some training with the dogs. Brady knows it's a treat cabinet, and all three of my critters sit there like little angels (when they're not crowding up next to the door) waiting for their treats.
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