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Originally Posted by 4catz View Post
Patch finally had 3 beautiful kittens . All white with black, although slightly differnt markings. Mum and babies are doing great. All are beautiful.

will post some pics of the happy family later.
Welcome to the world, Patch's family!! I'm so happy to know that all is well.

Looking forward to lots of pics.
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waiting for pics!
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This one was taken not long after tha last baby was born, so they are still a bit mucky. The kittens are sparkly clean now, so will take some more pics today.

Mum is doing so well. He personality seems to have changed completly and she is so loving and sniggly now. Babies are also doing great and are as beautiful as Mum, Patch.

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Oh, dear. Better not let my wife see the one with the patch on the left side. It looks just like our Snoopy from so many years ago.
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some pics taken today.

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Ah! a bunch of beautiful vans! I am in love!!! Good thing I dont live closer, I'd want to adopt them all. So very adorable. Cant wait to watch them grow!!!

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Oh, they're beautiful, congratulations!
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awwwwwwwwww too cute!!!!!!!!
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