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New foster

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This is my new foster cat. She is called patch and is pregnant, although I am not sure how pregnant. I would imagine she hasn't long to go as she is quite large and her belly is quite firm. He nipples also have a white crusty surface. She is fairly friendly although she likes to let you know when enough is enough bless her. She is such a pretty girl.

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Aww, she IS pretty! I'll be following the Patch pregnancy Saga! for a safe delivery...
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I will let you know how she goes.
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A new preggers foster...how exciting! She is a beauty!
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Aww, good luck with her and vibes for a healthy delivery.
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Congratulations! She is a pretty girl! Vibes for safe, swift, healthy deliveries!
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Thank you for good lucks and Vibes.

Still no sign of babies bless her. I am really not sure even approx when she is due. have left a message with rescue whohopefully will get back to me.

He belly looks like it has dropped and it is quite hard. I have washed her nipples as they were white and crusty, but this morning they were crusty again. She really isn't keen on me touching her belly and I have the war scares to prove it. She has been sleeping in her nesting box, but isn't showing any actual signs of nesting. She spends most of her day sleeping.

She is a lovely kitty.
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She was a bit unsettled last night and kept curling up and going to sleep in her litter tray which I kept removing her from. She washed for a fair while and then settled to sleep aroung 11:30pm. She is sleeping this morning.

I am going to feed her in a moment.

She is fine, but I am pacing
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Patch is doing well.

There has been no signs of labour. She seems to have grown, but that might be my imagination.

She is a little grumpy, but a lovely kitty.
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She is beautiful and I think it is great that you are able to foster her at such a needed time. Hope all goes well. Can't wait to see pics.
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Thank you

It is lovely fostering, but sad to say goodbye.
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She is still doing good.

She was a bit unsettled last night and kept getting out her box and then back in and was wasing generally a fair bit. I couldn't slep until she settled about 3 this morning.

She is washing generally a fair amount now too.

She is eating really well.
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Patch has been sctraing her bed up today. She has completely messed it up twice.

She is washing loads all over and is wanting fuss, although hates my hand near her belly.

She is eating well. She isn't her usual sleepy self today and is either sitting up or having a walk round.

I am hoping she is close..
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Sounds like she's getting restless! I hope the time is near for your sake

Good luck and for smooth, swift, healthy deliveries!
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Pretty kitty! Keep us U2D!
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well still no kittens.

She seems to have changed shape. She looks like she has swallowed a rugby ball bless her

It looks as if her milk is in, although you can't get any out.

She has a very small amount of matting round her bottom area, so wonder if she has lost plug, although couldn't be sure of that.

She looks so uncomfortable. I hope that she has them soon poor little thing.
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Still no kittens.

She messed her bed up completely yesterday and today, so hopefully that is the start of nesting.

She is so uncomfortable I feel so sorry fro her.
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Good Luck and have fun with the lil kittie when ever they will show up lol cant wait to see pics!!!!
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No kittens yet.

It is quite warm here at the moment, so really feel for her.

She is still eating really well and seems happy in her self.

She stratches the floor quite a bit, but other than that lies around. She looks so uncomfortable when she moves.
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Patch has started purring today which she hasn't done in the 2 weeks she has been there. I wonder this is a sign of impending labour.. On the hand it could be me over analysing again.

He back teats have very large milk bags behind them and the middle ones have them too, but smaller and so on.

She has been messing up her box siince before the weekend. She has done that 3 times this morning. She is not lying in the box though, but I think it is cooler out of the box.
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I would say "sounds like she is close" but I think I said that before!

Predicting a kitty's labor could drive us mad! I hope her digging and restlessness is a sign that today's the day!
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Me too. I remeber being the same with my last pregnat foster cat, although she was only here 3 days before having her kittens.

I hope she has her kittens soon for her sake aswell as my sanity
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I sure hope it is soon for you! I am sure I will be the same way next week with my kitty. but at least I have an idea of when she would be due. I would be going crazy if I didn't! LOL
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Am I right in thinking that the mucus plug loos like green slime?
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Kitten no. 1 has just been born. Not sure on colour, but it something and white. so tiny.

Mum is being so good.
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awe - congrats. Cant wait to see pics
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How's it coming?
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Patch finally had 3 beautiful kittens . All white with black, although slightly differnt markings. Mum and babies are doing great. All are beautiful.

will post some pics of the happy family later.
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Aww, glad to hear everything went well, I do love white and blacks
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