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enzyme diet

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I have been talking to a lady at work who has recently lost a lot of weight, she went down 4 pant sizes in a few months time. She suggested i try the same diet she started, which isnt hard at all. Its the basics of cutting down on pop and eating more veggies, and healthy food, plus taking a dietary suppliment of mulitple digestive enzymes. The key is to take two pills before you eat and before bed. I have done some research online and it really looks like something that could be a big help, not only with the weight loss but also because the enzymes help with a lot of other areas. I was lucky that she refered me to a lady that has ran a health food store for years who sells the supliments. It was a bottle of 200 pills for 12$ It includes the top 4 "most important enzymes" protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase. Anyway tomorrow is day one of my new diet, i cant wait to see if it works. Wish me luck??
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Be careful. I once took supplements and had to go to the hospital. I took exactly the recommended dose, they were all natural too at the Health Food store. It was a Nature's Way supplement. At any rate keep us updated on how this works for you
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The best way to lose weight is to eat only foods that you have prepared from fresh. Nothing in a can, box, or any kind of wrapping or package. This means no refined sugar or flour, no cheese, and no convenience foods. You can make an exception with non-fat milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese if you'd like. Roll up your sleeves and start washing produce. Eat fresh fruit and veggies, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds and you will lose.

I wish you luck!
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I tried the whole nothing you can prepare from a box, after I starved for a couple weeks I gave up!! I like NV... talk about a boost! WOW!! Keeps ya moving for hours!
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Tonight for dinner we had BBQ Chicken with Texas Mop Sauce, corn on the cob, and a greens and avocado salad. Nobody here is starving.
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I bet no one is starving there, that sounds awesome!! My problem is that I have a very STRICT budjet, cant afford to buy everything fresh, so if you dont do it the cheap way, you just dont eat! When I can get away with buying in bulk I do... I always try to buy as much as I can fresh just because I think its better for the kids!
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The Dr told me that Diet isnt safe and not worth the Risk. I am on a Diet now and have lost about 15 Pounds.
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well i guess, i kinda fibbed, i am gonna start tomorrow. On the advice of a friend i decided to wait until Sunday to start because i had to work all day and when she started the suppliments she had diarhea for a couple days, but it went away after that. And i didnt wanna have that problem at work since there is only one bathroom for each sex. So tomorrow i will weigh myself at my moms(my scales are missing, i think my brother swiped them again) and start then, i am gonna try to chart my progress. genetically i know i will never be "skinny" but i would love to at least loose some weight so i feel better both physically and emotionally. Ideally i would be extatic to loose 50 pounds but i would even settle for 15 or 20. Roman and i talked about going walking at the track at night when we get home, but its already so late and i am so tired by then that i dont really see that happening.

i agree, fresh foods are the way to go, if you can afford it, and if you have time to eat that way(heck the way grocery prices are going on crack would be less expensive).

one thing that really gets on my nerves are people who assume that anyone who is overweight eats too much... "find something with a appitite supressent" I DONT EAT TOO MUCH! In fact i hardly eat at all. I grab something when i get ready for work, then i usually dont eat anything until late evening, if then. And when i do eat, often its something like a tuna or peanut butter sandwich, a salad at work or occasionally a corndog.
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Im with you, everyone thinks that if you're overweight you must be eating too much. I eat once a day if I remember to even do that! Normally by the time I get the food cooked and it on the kids plates, they ask for something to drink, then ask for more, and I dont normally get to eat with them! So if Im lucky I eat once a day...
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Same here. I do not even eat alot and have a hard time losing Weight. i also go to the gym 5 Times a week. The Dr said part of the problem is my Asthma Meds.
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Mews2much~ What kind of asthma meds do you take?? I have albuterol... Which from what I told is just like adrenalin!
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i hate albuterol, i used to be on so much asthma meds it drove me insane, they always made me shaky and feel all goofy and weak.
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I was rushed in my reply earlier and didn't tell the reason for my concern using my personal example. Please be careful when starting any new "diet" or in my case, just a normal over the counter supplement program. Please consult your doctor rather than a lady at work and make sure you are good to go and get their professional opinion. Personally, diets don't work, they are short term and mess with you, but figuring out what works for you long term does work. I also finding preparing fresh meals is best, and there are tips that you can use to save time and money. There are ways to eat healthy on a budget, do a google search, I have done this many times. even large families are serving their children organic and making healthy foods for meals and snacks. Everyone is busy; but the tiny bit of extra effort pays off big time in so many ways, your health can be priceless. It helps your hair, skin, energy, the way and things you eat effects so many things.

And find things you like doing to keep you active, I am sure you already know all of this but exercise is invaluable.

If I would have consulted my doctor before taking all of those vitamins I would have learned I didn't need them, my diet was already high enough in the things I needed, and taking the recommended dosage of that supplement was not good for my body personally. I won't say the name of the product since I hear that is not allowed. But just be careful when going on any major diet/health change, k?
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
I bet no one is starving there, that sounds awesome!! My problem is that I have a very STRICT budjet, cant afford to buy everything fresh, so if you dont do it the cheap way, you just dont eat! When I can get away with buying in bulk I do... I always try to buy as much as I can fresh just because I think its better for the kids!
You're right, it's expensive. And it's very time-consuming, too.
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If you only eat one meal a day and you are not dropping any pounds id go and see a doctor, because this means that your metabolism is not working. And might be already broken. This will cause further problems to your health later in life.

Medication could be the reason why you arent losing any weight.

IMO the key to lose weight is not the food, its the amount of steps you do.

You can eat what ever you like, you just need to move much more. Stop taking the car or the lift. Walk more and you will notice an improvement.

They say that 30 minutes a day is enough, I find that its not. (mind you i used to be very over weight untill i moved to germany)
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