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Kids..you gotta love 'em!

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My best friend and I decided on a day out yesterday with her two children aged one and four. We thought it would be nice to take them out on a small trip to the beach, so off we went.

On the way back home, we stopped off at the local bakery to buy them a small gingerbread man each...after that we popped into a shop just to browse, and because you are not allowed to eat food in there, my friend took the gingerbread away from them just for a short while...this of course made her eldest child cry...and what she said immediately after it was taken from her made us laugh so hard..


Oh boy, she did come out with the most embarrassing words! We soon vacated the shop after that, and gave her the cake back! Kids huh?
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ahaha that would of been funny to see!!
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I love it when I hear little kids say stuff like that. It might be a little embarrassing but most adults know about kids!

We were embarrassed to see a nine-year-old throw a tantrum on the floor of a store because she wanted a Bratz doll! A girl in our daughter's class did that and her mother bought her the doll! Even our daughter couldn't believe she got the doll; she knew that would never work for her, lol!
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That is too cute
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