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I'm happy

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I just wanted to say that I have met somebody and he makes me truly happy. That is also why I haven't been around lately. I have been Lexington, SC with him. I have been through so much in these past few months. with my cousin's upcoming shunt surgery. It feels good to finally be happy.
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Aww hunni that's fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you
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Oh, I'm so happy for you!! You deserve it!

So....give us the scoop. Who is he, what's he like, how did you meet????
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How wonderful for you! It is so nice to read a post with so much obvious happiness coming from it.
Now, we want details!
I hope your cousin's surgery goes well. It is a serious surgery, of course, but with a high success rate that allows someone to have a much healthier life for a long time. I know several people that have had it, and they are all doing well.
Sending you many be happy vibes!
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That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you!
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Hooray for happiness! I am glad for you
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Now dish the details!!!!
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Well we met on myspace a while back and we met and decided to see where it goes and last weekend i stayed with him. He is such a gentleman. I couldnt ask for a better boyfriend.
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Thanks for sharing your happiness.
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Awww, its amazing isn't it? Congratulations!!
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Thats great! I try to never say those words aloud together because normally I get a good swift kick in the rear!! Hope everything goes wonderfully!
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