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My cats have gone to the dark side

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My boys have decided to throw aside their upbringing and take up a life of crime.
Mary was supposed to be the level headed one. The leader. The surrogate mother. I counted on her to instill good values into my boys...but I was sadly mistaken.
You know how when your house gets too quiet you know something is not quite right? Well, I went looking. Mary and Seldon were lounging in a doorway so I went to look for Cleo thinking for sure he was up in a cat tree or something. So I went back upstairs and saw that when I called Mary and Seldon would appear in the doorway of my daughter's bedroom looking too innocent. Then they disappeared back into the bedroom.
Upon further investigation I found Cleo in there tearing through a stolen bag of treats, with other empty bags strewn all over the closet floor. Mary and Seldon were partaking in the stolen bounty too. I poked around and found 5 other empty treat bags with bite marks all over them ripped to pieces. They had the intelligence enough to have hidden the empty ones so that they were not visible.They scattered in different directions with Cleo holding a bag in his mouth growling.
I caught him and took the bag. I hid the bags from them but not before giving them a good stern talking to.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
I hid the bags from them
Are you sure the 3 pairs of eyes were not watching?

Originally Posted by CC12
but not before giving them a good stern talking to.
I can see their innocent faces listening and yet not listening.
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Some how you managed to assess the situation perfectly. I do think they watch me when I don't know it. I have turned around to see one of them looking too cute looking up at me.
I think they have an elaborate system all planned out. Cleo is the biggest so he is the muscle of the group. Seldon is the comedian so I think he is sent out as a distraction. Mary, I believe is the lookout.
They are probably having a big laugh about my stern talking to. I love them so much that I melt when they look at me with those sweet little faces.
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you know they are in trouble when they start working together!!
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My cats are a handful by themselves! Please don't let them start to collaborate...please! Mercy!
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*laughs* Wow! I thought I was the only one that had a house full of kitties that worked together against you.

My Peekaboo is usually the brains behind everything, I think. My Skittles is the distraction because she's clumsy and a bit ditzy, so it isn't unusual for her to get caught up in something or for her to do something silly to attract my attention. We often have strays that I care for and rehome in the house too, and whoever is with us at the time happens to be cast as the lookout. They usually manage to give Peekers enough time to steal whatever he's eyeing.

xD Our cats are someday going to take over the world.
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From you description, I could clearly visualize your "sweeties" visit to the dark side.
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can think of what the cats are thinking:hmmmmmm you wont give me food when i'm hungrey then i'm going to get it my self!*secends later: a lamp breaks*
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Actually I can see it just now:

Origonal Cat to the house: Make me live with these other two...I will teach to get the others to work for me in my plan for revenge, three minds are always better than one.
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"Gone" to the darkside means they had to go over there, at one time they weren't. Lucky you! Mine has always been on the dark side!
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You guys are a riot.LOl.
I do think they can plot when we don't know it. They have all of those secretive communications that we mere mortals are not privy to. Imagine the stuff they are saying.

"She tells people she is on a diet. Ha. What a joke I saw her eating Ben Jerrys last night. Out of the box."

"She should have asked us if those pants make her butt look big. They do."

"Would someone do us all a favor and tell her to stop singing in the shower."

"Yeah I am looking at you. SO?"

"Here we are giving all of the cute faces we have. Treats. Now. Chop chop. On the double. Like now already."

I bet they mock me behind my back. Cleo was at it again. Somehow he managed to get the cabinet door open. I caught him working out the logistics to get to the top shelf.
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Oooooh yeah. You just KNOW those adorable cute faces are deceiving, if we could just hear some of the remarks they probably make about us..xD I know they must mock everything we do, but in an affectionate, She's-Just-So-Cute way, like we do to them sometimes. xDDD
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Oh with lovable affection they mock. I know my cats love me flaws and all.
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