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Kittens nails - very sharp

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Being that this is my first time ever having kittens there is so much I do not know. Their little nails are becoming so so sharp now. Is it safe to have their nails trimmed this young? How would I go about getting that done...or could I safely do it myself? My 2 year old loves to play with them...but he is starting to get a little scared of them because he keeps getting clawed. I love the socialization between them and would like it to continue.
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Have you ever cut a cat's nails previously? It isn't much different with kittens, just don't cut too close to the quick. You will only need to cut a teensy bit off.

I have always trimmed the cats nails while they are sleeping so they are almost unaware that I'm doing it. Saves from fighting with them and them clawing your neck apart LOL

That's my advice, but I'm not a professional, just a long time owner of cats

Good luck

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I have never cut a cat's nails before. After I got Bella I took her to Petco and they were trimming her nails for me...I was to scared. Also will I need special clippers to do this? Maybe I should call the vet tomorrow and bring them in to have them done. Will the vet's trim a kittens nails for you?
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I started cutting my girls' nails a couple of weeks ago since they were clawing us unintentionally. I just barely cut the tip and it is fine. I use a pair of fingernail clippers but I am going to buy a better pair soon.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
that's what mine are like, too - altho, in a pinch, you can use people clippers - especially for the younger babies. when they get older, their claws get tougher & hard to cut w/people clippers.
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Yeah, I cut my kittens claws around 4 weeks -- they were in climbing mode and it was just getting too painful since my legs were popular climbing apparatus.

I quickly discovered that, gee go figure, kitten nails are MUCH smaller than adult nails. You only need to take off the tiniest little bit, or you'll have them bleeding all over the place. I would say that size I clipped off was probably about the same size as a grain or two of salt. Visible, but miniscule.
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I only ever use people nail clippers. Everything else never works right. Just clip the very sharp tips off, there is no reason to be nervous about it. I would not take those babies in to a vets office unless they are sick or need vaccines. Too much risk of them being exposed to many different things since their immune systems are so underdeveloped.
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I've started nipping the nails of kittens at 3-4 weeks old. You only need to take of the tiny tip with a human baby fingernail clipper. Not till they are older and the nails bigger to you use a normal cat nail clipper. Do kittens on a weekly (sometimes twice a week) basis.
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