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Before I make the investment, is PhotoShop easy to use? I'm a total computer dummy and I have photo editing and desktop publishing software, that I cannot use because the instructions are written for people who ALREADY know what they're doing.

I need something with clear, step-by-step instructions.
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Well, I would definitely recommend that you get Photoshop Elements if anything. That program is running $100 instead of $600 for the full Photoshop 7.0. Elements is a pared down version of Photoshop, more for home use than professional use. You won't miss any of the features that it doesn't have.

I find PhotoShop very easy to use, and I'm discovering new things all the time that I can do with it (although I still haven't figured out animation). There are a lot of books on it, too, from beginner to very advanced so that's an advantage. It's a lot of fun just to play around with, especially with the filters which are super easy.
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How did we get on MY FAVORITE topic?...LOL.

Well, katl8e - I have been using Photoshop for 13 years. Ewww, that makes me sound ancient ...(ancient 36yr old) I started using when it was version 1.0 —I'll never forget when it was released because it happened in February 1990 - ON MY BIRTHDAY.

If you really want to learn a KILLER Photo editing program - Photoshop is the BEST choice. It is what the professionals use - it's worth the money and time to learn. It is a requirement in design industry, not to mention, photography, videography....you name it. Photoshop is used every darn where.

I won't sugar coat it....it is complex—It's not a Candyarsh program. I would honestly say that it might take a beginner 8 months to a year to learn—after that you just have to keep practicing. Use it every day.

I would recommend attending One or Three Day Photoshop Conferences....they have them all of the time all over the USA (and abroad)... Also, I would highly recommend Classroom in a Book. I have heard that most colleges offer "Photoshop Only" classes, too and they teach from that book. Bottom line, once you learn it...keep practicing and you will eventually know it inside out.

I am a member of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) —their website is strictly Photoshop and they offer support online for beginners and pros...Very cool.

There's my 2¢—


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On more thing...If you want your training to be FUN- I would highly recommend learning Photoshop with Scott Kelby - He is the Guru. I have known Scott for 10 years and I am here to tell ya - this guy makes learning Photoshop fun! One of my favorite Photoshop Training video's by Scott is called Down and Dirty with Photoshop....He has a ton of books and training material on his site. (Might find some on eBay, too)

You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Master Photoshop with a big GRIN on your face....

Here's his website.....Scott's Site
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I have also been looking and reading reviews on Photoshop. It seems if your using it only at home, Photoshop Elements is the way to go.

As Kim suggested, if you have a local workshop available it wouldn't hurt to enroll. But, there are also many resources on the net and books at the library for guidance.
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I've been using Photoshop for about 7+ years now, not quiet 13, but I can say that yes I love this program! It is the best out there for graphic work short of 3d rendering programs which are in a different class in itself.

It's fun to learn and fun to see all of your creations with it, there are a lot of tutorials and help online, there are a lot of books out there to learn it.
I personally don't feel a course/class is nesiccary, but if it gives you certification that's nice to have, and some people would find it harder to learn with out taking the glass.

I have no yet used Photoshop Elements but I have heard good things about it, and if you are on a real budget, I would say to go for Jasic Paint Shop Pro.
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cindy - i LOVE photoshop. i have heard other people say it can be tricky to learn. honestly, though, i had a great time learning it. it has so many sharp features i am always learning a new trick with it. (especially thanks to a few of you here!)
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I don't need anything, for professional use I just want to jazz up family pictures and make greeting cards. Also, I got a book on designing Websites, since I'm having trouble with that, too. I'd like to put something nice out there. I've got this infernal machine, I might as well have some fun with it.

Thanks for the info, all.
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I just got Photoshop Elements. If your looking for a simple photo program, I think its too complicated. Its not a learn it your self program. Im going to take a photoshop class this summer. I would say to do it on your own you would have to be highly motivated.

(and now i know who all the photoshop pros are out there!)
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dh LOVES photo shop....i don't like it. I LOVE paintshop pro!
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I found "Picture It!" to be super easy if that is your main concern.Its very basic but its easy to email pictures and make cards and projects and fun stuff.
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My friend, a wedding photographer, uses photoshop. He seems to like it.

i use Microsoft's picture it! (very easy to use) and Ixla photo easy (okay only).. so i can't comment much.

Good luck!

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Photoshop is AWESOME! The best out there no two ways about it. It is not easy to learn or operate. Part of the fun is there are always new things to learn - there is so much depth to this application.

There are tons of Photoshop websites with easy to follow tutorials (some will give you picture shots of what your screen should look like at each stage). I think that might be a good way for you to see how Photoshop works. Here's a link to the photoshop category on Google:
PhotoShop on Google
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I have a bunch of graphics programs, PhotoShop, Photoshop Elements,Photoshop LE, Adobe Photo Deluxe,
Ulead Photo Explorer, Paint Shop Pro, MGI PhotoSuite,
Painter and a few more.

If your download speed will support it, I would recommend that you download a free trial version of Paint Shop Pro (www.jasc.com), Photoshop Elements (www.adoobe.com) and possibly a program also from Jasc 'After Shot'. You can download them all for free to use for some period of time. If what you are primarily interested in is quick editing like color balance, sharpening etc. you might find After Shot does what you need. It also provides a nice photo organization feature where it will create and remember thumbnails of
your pictures.(Choosing between Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements, I would go with Paint Shop Pro.)

I primarily use PhotoShop but I have been using it for awhile. The full program is expensive and unless you have alot of onboard RAM, runs somewhat slowly. If you can take the time to d/l a few of the trials and check them yourself, that would be the way to go.
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Lucia's original post.......
The full program is expensive and unless you have a lot of onboard RAM, runs somewhat slowly.
Photoshop should have a label on the front of the box that reads:


Good point Lucia - I failed to mention that when I posted my 2¢ earlier....it does require lots-o-memory to render graphics efficiently. Heck, I maxed my Mac out to a 1.5 Gigs of RAM and I have 236 Gigs of storage...even with all of that, occasionally my efficiency rate will drop below 80% (Usually I just restart and the problem goes away, BUT STILL!)

That's when I start yelling at my Photoshop..."What MORE Do You Want? My Car Battery!!?" - LOL!

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Kim.. i really like your boys picture at the bottom of your signature -- how do you make your kitty eyes flicker like that?


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pohchoowan - Thank you...I will tell the boys you said that, LOL!
I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready to create that. Majority of the work takes place in Photoshop and ImageReady animates my layers—pretty cool stuff!

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You all are making me so anxious to get started on my photoshop class. I cant wait. I have a Fine art degree in painting but there are no jobs to be found so im trying to learn about graphic design. I know there are a few commercial graphic designers out there. PM me if you would welcome some questions. Cool!
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