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Need some reassurance...

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...until we go to the vet on Tuesday.

Belle and Delilah are 10 1/2 weeks old. They've been here for exactly a week. They are eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, peeing, pooping, purring, and causing trouble very well. Mucous membranes seem nice and pink. I think they have grown in the last week. Both of them have been sneezing (not a ton, maybe a few times a night), but there is no other discharge from eyes/nose. I think Belle might be a tiny bit congested (she can definitely smell but she gives a little sniff here or there), and I suspect that they have a bit of a URI. I would have liked to get them into the vet sooner, but it is heart worm season and they are all booked up. Since they look and act very healthy otherwise, I'm not overly concerned about the wait (nor did the folks at the vet's office seem to be).

However, having just gone through a fatal illness with Zoey, and later realizing that she was likely sick the entire time we had her without us knowing, I can't help but look at these kittens a little differently. I know I'm paranoid, but I can't help it.

In any regard, one of the things I've noticed is their breathing. Both of them, when they lying beside me, purring, their breaths seem to kind of "thump" in their diaphragm area. It kind of seems like the air is being forced out - just a little - but it's not a nice, smooth inhale-exhale. Their breathing also seems a tiny bit fast (I counted 40 breaths/min with Delilah, but I've never been particularly great at counting beats of any sort). Again, this is when they are laying beside me...and when they are laying beside me, they are almost always purring. I caught Delilah not purring and her breathing seemed more normal and smooth (although, still a little fast). Belle, I can't go anywhere near without her starting to purr!

Should I be concerned about their breathing, or am I just overanalyzing things? I will definitely mention it to my vet on Tuesday, but I just need a little reassurance before that! I've never looked closely at the breathing of cats before (except Zoey...and she was anything but normal), so I have no idea what it should "look" like, but I imagine it is normally smooth.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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My two boys came home with URIs. There are things you can do You can put them in a steamy bathroom to thin out the mucus. If they are eating and playing then they will be fine until Tuesday but a steam treatment could help. I had to do it with my little guys. The steam treatments helped and I had to wipe his snotty little nose because when he sneezed some stuff would come out. Which was good. Do the steam treatments twice a day for 20 minutes.
Seldon struggled the most and was touch and go but now he is a strapping healthy nosy comedian.
Your kits seem to have a little bit of it and not too bad. Plus kittens breathe differently then adult cats.
Keep them warm and just love them. They will be ok. But I totally understand your worry.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
....Plus kittens breathe differently then adult cats....
This is not intended to "challenge" you....having stated that, I don't understand...can you explain/expand on that? (Most of my reason for being here is to learn)
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
...a steam treatment could help...
That has certainly "worked" for me...I have isolated one sick cat from the other four in my bedroom, cranked up the humidifier and increased the heat - result: fewer sneezeys, lotsa purrs and someone who wasn't in any way anxious to exit!
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Just updating: Belle and Delilah went to the vet yesterday and everything went fine. I wasn't sure if they were congested or not (still the occasional sneeze, but it hasn't really progressed into anything more), but the vet felt comfortable giving them their vaccinations. Other than that, they both weigh exactly the same and they both have umbilical hernias (I thought they may have...but I found it odd that they both had them!). Positive for roundworms (again, I wasn't surprised) and negative for FIV/FeLK (YAY...2 fewer things to worry about in the future!).

I feel much better now that they've been to the vet! They were a little sleepy after the vaccinations, but they also hadn't slept all day because I had been home, so part of it coule have been that. Last night and today they have been absolutely fine (AKA crazy!)

I think I'll still always be a little paranoid, given my experience with Zoey, but it looks like we have 2 healthy, happy kittens!

Thanks to those who gave advice (the steam room worked really well for Zoey when she had the sniffles, but Belle and Delilah did not like it AT ALL! haha)!
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that's fantastic news that your kittens are fit and well. it is totally understandable that you are going to be abit over cautious after zoey. nothing like a worried mum is there!

i'm so pleased all is well though. enjoy your babies!
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