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Oh Im angry!!

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As some of you know South Dakota is getting a blizzard right now, my DH is on the road alot and he was 44 miles away today when the boss called them and said not to move, to stay in a hotel. So his truck was parked on the road and with the good few foot of snow we've gotten I figured Id better go move it! So I close the computer and head outside, leaving the 3 kids inside while I moved it, well the truck got stuck in the driveway of course because there was no way I was going to shovel all that snow when its more than waist high in some places, so I finally got the truck to me, got it in 4 wheel drive, got stuck again and then just hammered it to get into the drive way so that it wont get a ticket tomarrow when they plow the roads. I come back inside soaking wet from the waist down and find my computer in pieces, Joseph had opened it up and took all the buttons off!! Ticks me off so bad! I think I have all the buttons in the right spot, but the I and the V are totally screwed, and I dont know if my windows and alt button are in the right spot or if they're backwards! He did this exact same thing with jakes laptop! I can't belive he did with my brand new one! ARGGG!! I hope no harm was done.... I need this computer for school (college, whatever) and I can't afford a new one!
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That's why I'm afraid to have rugrats.
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Yeah... I should have known better than to leave them alone though.. but it still sucks! I hate it when they do stupid stuff like that... I came back from the bathroom and theres a 20 dollar bag of cat food all over my kitchen!! Cant even pee without something going wrong!
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And this is why I'll never have kids. Too hard to train!
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Have you thought about security latches? on cupboards? IMo they are worth investing, my cats are strong enough to open the doors and since ive stuck rubber bands on them , they finally cant open anything up nor rip anything open!
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Yeah, they really aren't that easy to housetrain thats for darn sure!!
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You've got to watch while you are in the shower, too. That's "free time" for the kids! Cats take off the keys, too; Sparkle takes them off of my husband's laptop! I hope your new computer is okay.
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Look on the bright side, you could always have 8 or more bengals in your house. You wouldn't even be able to blink without something happening then.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
And this is why I'll never have kids. Too hard to train!
I have found cats to be harder to train, and to live just as long under your roof
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With my luck my kids will live with me till they're 40 or some odd years old! Now everytime I go to the bathroom I take my lap top with me... I dont trust em!! LOL
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If you mean he pulled the tops of the keys off, worst case, buy a new keyboard. You can get them for about $10.

For what it's worth, my bottom row (left to right) is:

Ctrl Windows Alt Space Alt Windows Menu Ctrl
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i much prefere tieng kids up while ya leave the house hehe!
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Okay now I think I have my bottom row wrong!
I have
Control, A box with FN in it,the windows key, and alt, my space bar, alt, funny looking paper, crtl
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