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I don't have my own dog yet...but I foster beagles and greyhounds.The cats are used to dogs coming and going,but when a dog first comes,of course the cats put them in "their place".Once the dogs realize "their place" - the cats will play with them.
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I don't have a dog..but my sister has a Great Dane pup..she is about 7 months old..and I LOVE HER. She is such a darling dog...a gentle, sweet, affectionate giant. She is amazing! I'll have to find a recent pic of her...She melts my heart.
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I have a lab/hound mix named Daisy, and a schnauzer mix named Benji. Daisy is good with cats, but Benji is not. True to his terrier breed he has a high prey drive and wants to hunt all small furry things. We keep him seperated from the cats (and my guinea pigs) at all times.
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I have a Border Collie mix, she is in her 'summer naked' clip...tehehe

And a terrier mix, Lizzy; not sure exactly what kind of mix she is, but don't really care either...Lol! here she is pouting about having to sit for a picture...haha
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My roommate's dog is a min. poodle x min. pinscher mix. (yes, a designer... )

This is her as a puppy

This is her recently (she's a pirate!)
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We have a great variety of dogs here I loved reading about them and seeing all those pictures!
Since I didn't put up pics of my dogs before here they are now.
Gabby the Lab mix

Gracie Jack russel terrier mix

Maggie the boston terrier

Lucy the Lab x basset hound x australian shepherd x chow
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We have a Bichon. He would not even think of hurting the kitty cats. Hes a real sweetheart, my cats on the other hand, Im pretty sure, do have thoughts of hurting him.

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We have a yellow lab named Maggie, a pure white husky named Dutchess, a pomeranian named Roxie (she's mine ), and a german pointer named Lilly. They all get along great with the cats.
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I've only got my mum's Bichon x Poodle...
But soooon I'll have either a Newfoundland or a Saint Bernard... I'm still tossing up between the two! (And waiting for the next 6 months or so to fly by!)
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Great thread!

I have a blue merle Rough Collie. Her name is Cassie and she's 11 years old.
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Originally Posted by Tobi View Post
I've only got my mum's Bichon x Poodle...
But soooon I'll have either a Newfoundland or a Saint Bernard... I'm still tossing up between the two! (And waiting for the next 6 months or so to fly by!)
I vote for the Newfie
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
I vote for the Newfie
Me too, I love Newfoundlands!
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I also say get the Newfie!
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Newfie, Newfie, Newfie!!
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newfie too

i have a boardercollie mix back home (three legged!)
and a biiiig doberman here
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We have two dogs:
Fosters -an Australian Shepherd (tri/merle)

Whiskey a Carolina Dog.

I think that after having Fosters- Australian Shepherds have to be one of my very favorite breeds ever- they're SOOOOOOO sweet and have the best temperment! They are family dogs - mine does amazingly well with new people and LOVES other animals. They are extremly high energy though (which is great for me because i love to go play and run around with them- but that high energy level is not for everyone though!)

As far as my Aussie's relationship with cats...
Does this answer your question

Now as far as Carolina Dogs go....honestly as much as i do love Whiskey- i would not recommend that breed with other animals such as cats unless you do your research first and are willing to devote a LOT of time and energy in the training. Carolina Dogs are like the Amercian version of a Dingo. They have not been domesticated in the same way as most other breeds- so as a result you can have some behavioral issues. He is a constant bundle of nerves and no matter what we do, we have had issue after issue with him being so nervous and unpredictable. You have to know how to handle a this breed before you introduce them to other household pets unless you want problems. It has taken us months to work with Whiskey to stop him of some of his bad habits. When we took him in he was 7+ yrs old and he's about 8 yrs old now so he came to us with a few problems - aggression being one of them. So he was not allowed around the cats unsupervised for quite a while. We did however use the "nothing in life is free" method and that has worked out almost all of his issues!
When you bring in a new Carolina Dog into an established household with another dog- they will typically become the Omega dog and allow the other established dog to be the Alpha - as is the case in our house. BUT any foster dogs we brought in immediately became tageted by Whiskey so we had to work on that as he wanted to display dominancy. Same with the cats- he tries to dominate - so we're careful. Had he been raised around them and trained properly it may not have been such an issue, but as is...he was not and we took him in knowing that and willing to help we're working it out!

Carolina Dogs are good dogs and can be very sweet...but having worked around soo many other breeds (i work for Animal Control as a vet tech) i would honestly not rank them on my top 5 list of "family dogs" just because they can be a bit more unpredictable than other breeds from what i've picked up on owning one. Now i will say, ANY dog has the ability to become aggressive or to be very sweet....a lot of their temperment depends on how they're raised and trained.

This is a really good website with info on Carolina Dogs.

I also have a 13yr old Wolf hybrid mix named Ginger. She lives with my mom though (wolf hybrids typically bond to one person strongly - she did to my mom, so when i moved out, my mom kept her there so as not to stress her). Now she is probably the BEST animal i have ever had, ever. That girl has my heart! She is amazing with other animals, a wonderful family pet, and an amazing guard dog. Her mom was a full blooded wolf and her dad was a norwegian elkhound, german shepherd dog mix. She is the most sweet, loving girl ever! I totally adore hybrids- but i will say- you MUST do your research before adopting one. You have to understand that they are wild animals at heart and treat them appropriately. Ginger is excellent with cats though- and love kids. We raised her from a pup though and she had been very well socialized.

I also had Rotties, Labs, and German Shepherds growing up- all were excellent with our cats and well socialized

My sister Kimmy has two chinese cresteds and a lab/rat terrier mix- all which get along extremly well with her other fubabies! Chinese Cresteds have to be one of the most sweet breeds i've ever come across- i adore her two! They're such good family dogs!
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My dog that I own is Maggie May my two year old (soon to be three in June) American Cocker Spaniel. See my sig .

I also have a Siberian Husky/Lab I am Fostering. His name is Solomon.

Then there is my moms dog. Tucker a two year old male American Cocker Spaniel (black and tan).

Then there are my roommates three dogs.

Tarantino aka Tino a 5 year old male brown tri Mini Rat Terrier.

Badger a 1 year old male Norwegian Lundehund

Zeppelin- 6 year old female Mini Schnauzer.
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I have two dogs.

Toby, my 2 year old Corgi

Maggie, my 6 year old Schipperke

They both get along well with Olivia and play nicely when she instigates it. Toby is also good about herding Olivia away from things she shouldn't be getting into.
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One Golden Retriever (who wouldnt hurt a fly) and one mystery mix (Terrier / Akita? we may never know!).

But they get along great! Eat together. sleep together, bug me for treats together!

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Everyone has such beautiful pups!!

We have Snickers, chocolate lab, almost 2 years old....

Snickers' daughter, Skuttles who is lab/australian shepard mix, but we think he wasn't pure aussie because her bone structure and muzzle are too delicate.

Brooke, who is a rescue dog. We figured out she is mainly Samoyed, but also has something else, maybe collie?

And finally, Buttercup, our Pug.

Yeah, Buttercup looks like she LOVES the cats, but her favorite pasttime is chasing them around the house.
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6 year old French Bulldog... dog and cats all get along great... eat, sleep together. Occasionally my Frenchie will put on a 'show' for her cats ~ she runs around in circles, stops next to them, makes a lot of noise and fuss, while they look at her as though she is crazy
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