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Our resident Vampire

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This little guy is heading to Canada soon to join a fellow breeder as a new silver stud in her breeding program. But for now he's still hanging out with us, doing his best Dracatula impressions.

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Can I have him!
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Good lord you have beautiful kitties! I so wish I didn't have such a predeliction for collecting stray cats!
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Great picture! What a cutie he is!!
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That face cracked me up!!!

He is soooo beautiful!
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well, bro as much as i like you,
i will have to call the police, for giving cat nip to a underage kitty lol

great pic by the way lol
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OMG! That's hysterical!
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oh wow
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Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! SO TIRED, LOL!!
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ROFL!!! Looks like he got into the coffee! What a cute pic!
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I've got one of Jack just like that
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i love those sort of photos! so cute!
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He's gorgeous! I just LOVE the expression
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Why Kitty, what sharp teeth you have!

Hilarious picture!! Just perfect for the baby book
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lol thats a great dracula impression!
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All you need are some drops of blood coming down from his teeth.
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What a great picture
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And a very good impression indeed!
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