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For it's 1, 2 3...

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Not strikes you're out but lizards that are in. Butzie likes to hunt. I decided that my favorite present was not a Rufous-sided Towhee but a lizard. I started telling her what a good lizard huntress she is and how Mommy likes lizards and no birdies! After all, the lizards have all been alive with various inches of tail left, but those grow back.

Butzie is now on the prowl for lizards. I woke up this am and there was one that startled me in the bathroom. I came home from the health club and there was one in my bedroom. I went to the kitchen and saw her and she was playing with a lizard. Told her again how great a lizard catcher she is and waited until she got away from said lizard. She did and I went to put it outside. Out runs a different lizard! I now have two in my dining room. I had already put the first one out and managed to get the other 2 out as well.

Yes, they were all different lizards. One was a different type and, of the other two, one had a tail and the other did not.

Still, they are all alive and they are not where I put them when I turned them lose. I did find a dead tail in my bedroom though. Definitely not for me!
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Haha where was your kitty when we used to vaca in Florida?! Never failed when my parents and I would get a place in Florida (hotel or otherwise) my mom was always the one to find the lizard inside the place... and she doesn't "do" lizards I on the other hand use to run around outside catching them
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Ewww. I used to live in Florida and the lizards drove me crazy. They scamper everywhere.
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I like lizards . Sadly, most do not survive my cats.
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I'm not too keen on lizards, they make my skin crawl.
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I am not crazy about lizards, but they are a fact of life in this part of the country. I just shoo them away if they get close to the door, and the cats don't show much interest in them.
We have a big crop of Palmetto bugs this year, yuck, and the cats love those. If you have never seen one, the look like huge roaches. They creep me out. Lately I have to wash everything in my kitchen before I use it, because they get into the drawers. I love cold weather when we don't have all the creepy crawlies around.
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