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Has your cat ever caught a "REAL" mouse?

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we have them in our house ok...well, for a while I thought the cats may have just scared them off or even ate one or something but I never really saw....Rocky has seen one, but he didn't get it..he was still really little at the time, but now I think he could...earlier I was standing in front of our microwave oven and saw a black mouse run behind the microwave... I am not scared of them...I guess it is the sudden fast movement that startled me....my heart is still pounding~~~LOL
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Nope, but Ivo is quite good at catching the occasional palmetto roach which crawls up the pipes.
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yep all the time, out in the hay barn. All of them except for Bailey cat just drop them on the floor, but Bails eats the ones he catches.

I did have on courageous mouse sneak in the house and live underneath the computer ledge for about a week, before Taz finally got ahold of it...
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Yep,all mine are indoor only but we had mice last year and I came home from work to find one of the cats batting a dead mouse around the kitchen. Then a few weeks later my cat Bean caught one and I had to chase him around the house to get it from him...it was still alive so I hopped in the car and drove it to the park and released it. I felt bad for the poor thing but all I kept thinking was - dumb mice, why would you come into a house with so many cats? LOL.
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My smokey was a great little mouser when she was younger. Now I'm in an appartment so there are none, but when we lived at my parents she would catch them all the time, if she was hungry whe she caught them she would eat them (well all except one small part & always the same part to let us know she caught something), if she wasn't hungry she would leave them for us to find, or if she was just playing she would bring them up still alive so we could play to (drove my Mom crazy).
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Jamie has caught several while out on a leash, so he would probably be a great mouser if he were allowed to roam freely. He also managed to catch a rat once. He has also caught several shrews (our yard is full of them - cute, but stinky!)
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my inside cats havn't, but my outside kitties have. my inside kitties are pro bug hunters though! if they see a bug they won't rest until it is eaten :LOL:
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Jude caught one (it's mole but looks like mice) from our basement when we first moved in two years ago. Tavish hasn't. BUT i dont know if they ever caught mices when they were ferals?

Jude is more interested in hunting on bugs than Tavish. Tavish just watchs and sweeps it then let it go! Tavish gets bored so easily with bugs.

Tavish loves to play with my cursor from the computer. :LOL:
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Maddie, our inside cat, loves to chase our pet mice in their cage, but she won't eat them, even if we take one out.
Pickles has caught two wild mice, which I rescued from her, one died and the other one was released.
Shamie loves mice, he would eat one for breakfast, lunch & tea if he could.
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Yes, I have found a couple on my deck! Cloud Dancer catches them and drops them there!
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Kitty was a stray (at the same shelter twice when we got her)so she got to be a pretty good mouser. we had a mouse problem when we got her, but not for long! we would get a couple when the weather started to get cold, but she would take care of them real quick! she always tried to play with them at first (she would throw it around, eben tossed one on my lap that was still alive once!)before she killed them. my husband would try to get them away from her before she ate them (he was the only one who could get them from her) but if she had a chance she would eat it, leaving the tail end so we could see what she had caught.
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My former street-cat, Boo, catches mice, birds and rats.
Last summer brought me a rat almost as big as she is. She was rather pleased with herself about the rat. Good kitty.
She brings in the occasional live mouse and drops it near Raven who has no clue what to do with it. The birds she keeps for herself, hiding under the couch with them and making wild noises - I try to shoo her outside with them. Sometimes when I am sweeping I find feathers under the furniture, so I know that the ones that I see her with are just the tip of the iceberg.

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My Jake never saw a mouse until we moved to the backwoods where we occasionally get a mouse who finds its way through a vent into the house. After 3 years as an apartment cat, who had never even seen a mouse, he got right to work and caught one first try. The problem is, he also releases it and chases it some more, then catches it again. It's a little nerve wracking, but he seems to be a natural mouser.
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Fortunately, no, there have been no mice in the house. My boyfriend is severely allergic to rodents and it would land him in the emergency room in respiratory distress, not a good thing since he already is asthmatic!

They are great at catching bugs, though. And god help the squirrels in the backyard if they ever find a way to get to them!
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Snowball has always been an indoor only cat who has never even seen a mouse. I'm not sure what he would do with one...

He is good at catching bugs. One thing that we wish he wouldn't do is play with bees. He swats bees around until they are about half dead. When the bee eventually recovers, he starts swating it around again. It's no fun having an angry bee flying around the house, so we always try to find them and kill them (son is allergic) before Snowball does.
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