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Sick cat :-(

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Ive done blood work, thats fine, shes getting xrays on monday but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what could be causing her to vommit everyday. it started sunday only 3 times then monday 6 times tuesday was 3 times wednesday was 4 times and thursday not at all i thought she was fine but low and behold this morning 4 times. no other symptoms she still trys to eat and wants to play. She had diareah twice, not much bathroom activity since shes throwing everything up.... any ideas?
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Hi! I am so sorry to hear about your sick kitty. Since the vet has already run a series of test and found nothing wrong up to date, have you considered her diet? She could be having an allergic reaction to her food.

I found out the hard way too when my kitty started throwing up. I then realized that she is allergic to a certain food and once I stopped feeding it, she was fine.
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That would be wise to look at her food. Have you changed it lately? Has the manufacturer changed the formula lately? Does she 'wolf' down the food, then throw it up later....although that doesn't explain the diarreah....

Good luck on Monday...I hope it's nothing too serious. It's comforting to know that she still wants to play.
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Is there any possibility that there's something missing from your house that kitty could have ingested? I have a cat that was vomiting - clear, frothy, liquid - and lost a lot of weight and she had a blockage in her intestines!
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