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Wesley Snipes - Tax Returns

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(I didn't see this posted anywhere so if its a repeat, please delete )

Wesley Snipes gets three years for failing to file tax returns. These are misdemeanors. I agree that we all should get the punishment that fits the crime but I don't agree with this. Not because he's hot or famous but because so many people, who do much, much worse serve the same, or less, jail time.

Here's what the New York Times reports:
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I agree with you. What a waste of taxpayers money.
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The sad fact is that he's made payment on the balance and most likely won't serve a day of it. He'll appeal, pay some more, appeal, pay a little bit more, win, and then move over seas so the US Government can't get him.
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What infuriates me is that Michael Vick gets less time for dogfighting.
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I do not believe failing to file taxes is worthy of prison time. The best way they will get their money is to garnish his wages, but to put him in Prison for this is insane IMO.
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It's very hard to garnish wages on an actor, who might work for any number of different entities in a year's time.

At least part of this is the IRS wanting to show the "no constitutional authority to tax" agitators that there IS, and they intend to enforce it.
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Really? Tax evasion is a crime. It's against the law. If you break the law and a prison sentence is the punishment, then you go to prison. I don't find it that much of a leap.
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Seriously? OMG he owed over $40 MILLION in past taxes! That's essentially stealing $40,000,000 from the government because he thought he was too good to pay taxes. This isn't like he accidentally missed a year of filing...he purposely refused to pay taxes.

I'm sorry, but $40 million would go a long way toward a LOT of different programs that are ill-funded already (and no, I'm not talking about any military action). How about $40 million given to the schools? Or in Food Stamps? Or in funding Child Services?

I'm surprised he didn't get more time. He should have, IMO.
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income is defined as profit made from a company or a forgin worker.
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He showed utter contempt for the law of the land. That is what judges hate the most. He got what he deserved.
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