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Switching from SD, cats don't like Wellness

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Well, I very excitedly brought home a bag of Wellness. Neither cat will touch it. They did eat the samples I had of Flint River Ranch, but from what I read here that is not a great option.

What do you recommend I try next? The pet store here carries just about everything that I has been mentioned in this forum.


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yeah, mine weren't big fans of wellness, either. i requested samples from several major brands, especially when i tried the grain-free kibbles... no one liked any of them.
i've had success w/chicken soup, authority & royal canin, so far. just bought a bag of Katz-n-Flocken - we'll see how that flies in about a week or so.
while the flint river ranch isn't the highest quality out there, it's certainly better than the SD, IMO.
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Mine wouldn't touch the fishy Wellness but they were OK on the chicken flavor. But I tried Innova with them and they absolutely love it.

See if the store will give you the trial size bags. I got about 6 brands from our pet health store and put all of them out in 6 bowls side by side. The one that emptied first won.
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I would suggest that you do not go looking for yet another product.

I am presuming (maybe a mistake -?) that you are trying to provide a better "quality" food, that you did some searching and decided on the Wellness. If I'm wrong, don't hesitate to tell me!

Thing is, with changing over not expect it to be an instant yes/no decision.

Anytime you want to "switch" foods, do it ever-so-slowly.

Here's my experience with changing dry foods: Before the food recall, my five were getting Iams Original dry. Along came the recall disasterand, after a lot of research/reading/discussion, I decided I would "switch" to Orijen dry. By then I knew the necessity of s-l-o-w transitioning. Still, for the heck of it, I offered a few pieces of Orijen to each of them. Each one, in turn, took one sniff and walked away.

So, we moved into the transitioning - adding a few pieces in increasing amounts every day (and reducing the "old" in like amounts), so that over a period of 4-6 weeks they were getting 100% of the Orijen.

(Many dry products have "discarded restaurant cooking oils" sprayed on at the end of the extruding it any wonder that cat's "just love them"?)

If you're satisfied with your choice of the product...then understand that it's not a taste-test the transitioning thing.
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Yes, the slow transition works. I don't do dry anymore but when I did I tried different techniques. I would mix a little teaspoon of wet in to make it smell enticing. Some do tuna juice. Some do bonito flakes. After awhile they will like it. If you believe in it then give it a try.
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Riley wouldn't touch Wellness either and he isn't crazy about Nature's Variety Instinct dry.

He does love California Natural and Taste of the Wild though, so you might give one of those a try. I'm currently mixing the two together.
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Cats are often picky and will flat out say this food will not do ... if that is what happened some have mentioned some good options...

Did you mix old an new together for at least 7 days??
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My cats and my Mom's cat switched to Blue Spa Select Sensitive Skin formula a few months ago. All 4 of them really like it and their health has improved too.
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My cats didn't like Wellness either. They thought it was yucky.

They have settled on a food not well liked on the board, but they are doing just fine so I'm happy with it.
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I assume you mean "Core" Wellness food. It does have a very strong
fishy smell. I am using/mixing it in with others and well my cat eats it
she eats the other dry's first and leaves it for last basically, but does not flat
out leave it in the bowl. I have not tried the Indoor Wellness formula
as yet but I do like Wellness products. I buy the canned Wellness
chicken and turkey and its a big hit at my house, she has so much
more energy on this product.
Big hit at my house in past was California Natural-
Chicken/Rice formula (although I hear they made small ingredient change
since I last used it), Chicken Soup is very tasty- I think the regular
has too many calories, and would go with the light for inactive cat.
Nutro Chicken max is also very tasty. Although I am
using Chicken Soup regular, just recently for 2nd time, I think their is something in it that she has allergy too, very scratchy around the neck.
So I will discontinue use and see if it clears up.
I always mix my new purchases in for many weeks before cutting them
off previous food, you can get a better idea that way. I would
mix in what you have had in past to get a true story.
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My kitties didn't like the wellness core at all (won't go near it) but did like the kitten formula.

Their favourite seems to be California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice. I 'd like to try the Felidea to switch it up a bit.
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