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Anyone know about how to care for tree saplings?

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I have a 3 year old Mulberry Tree sapling, and the 2 branches I cut off last year are now producing new shoots, no surprise, as mulberrys are a VERY hardy species. Trouble is, the branches i removed were to keep the tree healthy.

The bottom branch was too low to the ground, so removed it for better looks. The middle placed branch on the side was growing diagonally, making the tree (2 branches) a V shape, and I was told a heavy wind would eventually tear that diagonal limb off, possibly tearing the bark off the whole side of the tree and possibly killing it, so removed it. Now both have just produced new,tiny shoots.
The forum I used to visit closed and not many people have mulberries as most see them as pest trees.

So do I remove these shoots, or leave them? To remove, do I just pinch them off.

Here is the image of the tree from the back of it. The 2 new shoots are circled in red. The bottom is growing behind, the top from the side.
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Keith, try PMing GailC -- she's a professional landscaper, and I'm sure she can help you!
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I am not familiar with mulberry trees, but I have been a professional landscaper and parks maint. person and I can say that with 99.9% of trees that I have known, you just pinch those off (if they are already woody at the base, use ssharp pruners). What I used to do with some of the maples and other varieties, is in the early spring, (while wearing gloves) take your hands and vigorously rub them up and down the tree trunk to remove the buds that are going to form those unwanted growths. Don't rub so hard that you damage the bark (it takes a lot to do it, but I thought I would warn against it anyway). Good luck!

If you have other plant and landscape questions, or would like to pose this question to other landscape people go to www.verdantforums.com it is a great forum!!!
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Hey WW -- I didn't know that was one of your skills! My gosh, we have talented people on TCS!
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Throw in tour guide and grill meister and I have a list of skills...LOL
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I agree with rubbing off the shoots, there are probably latent buds that are sprouting.
This may become an annual event too!!

Also went removing any branches from a tree esp larger ones you should never remove a branch that is 1/3 the size or larger than the trunk. If yout have a large branch to remove, cut it back to the next branch junction if possible and also if it meets the 1/3 rule. What will happen is not as much nutrients will flow to the cut branch and the truck size will increase so the 1/3 rule will then be applicable!! On older trees (say 10 yrs or older) it may take several years to finally remove a large branch.

Also guidelines have changed about where to cut a branch-now its making sure you leave the "collar" on the limb not cutting flush with the trunk. Of course if its an included branch (the V shape) that doesn't apply.

Your local Coop extension office should have low cost publications to show pruning cuts.
You might want to check out Cornell University's website too its got alot of good info!!
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Thanks you were all a big help. I just pinched the new shoots off, they only began growing a few days ago. If they grow back i'll just keep pinching them off.

If I have any more questions, i'll come on here!
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