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Job vibes

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I'm looking for part time work and I really, really need a job fast because my unemployments out. I applied at a local shelter today but I'm not sure if their hours will fit around my upcoming school schedule. I'd really like to work there. I suppose if I had an interview we could work it out. My classes are at night, from 6 to 8:45. If need be I could possibly switch my classes to mornings. Can I have some vibes that things will work out to get this shelter job. Hopefully they will call for an interview.
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I hope you can get a Job. I still can not find one here.
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Good luck!
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Good luck with the job hunting!

I'm looking for work again too, and it's getting really difficult for me to find the right one! I'm hoping it pops up soon!
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Good My husband's temp job was finished yesterday. So he'll be looking as well. for everyone
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Sending lots of and prayers to everyone who's looking for work right now.
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