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i am glad to hear she is home and doing well - my cat had to have 10 days cage rest after her amputation, and a cone to stop her messing with her stitches, but that was the only thing really - she happily used the tray etc with no probs.
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Oh yeah, even with the cone (well, e-collar) she's still going after herself
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Molly is doing great...
I know that you are relieved.

A recovering kitty can never have to many vibes.

Thanks for keeping us updated.
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Hope Molly is feeling good!

I think this issue depends a bit on the age of the cat and which leg is amputated. I knew a cat once who was getting on a bit and had a front leg removed. She struggled alot getting around, had to hop everywhere and got tired out very quickly. It seems losing a back leg generally leaves them with alot more mobility. They can get the spring from just one back leg and still balance on the front two feet.
Still, no vet in their right mind would amputate a leg off a cat unless it was absolutely necessary, and I'm sure even with difficulties, most cats would adapt and be much happier on three legs than four with one hurting or impeding them. Removing more than one leg however, I think you'd have to do alot of soul-searching and have a long talk with your vet about what would ultimately be kindest for the cat in the long term.

I know everything with molly is fine now - just incase other people in the same situation come by the post
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Sat. evening check on sweet Molly.
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We been watching TV in bed with the kitty napping on/near us...Molly's enjoying all the attention, I'm sure
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Molly is getting lots of love and attention....
exactly what she needs.

Sunday vibes on the way to Molly.
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Just as an update, Molly went back to the vet today and had the stitches taken out and -- perhaps even better -- the OK to remove the e-collar.

Now she gets to move around the house instead of being locked up in the bedroom! Makes it better for all parties involved
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Way to go Molly.
She will feel so much better with her e-collar off.

Please continue to keep us informed about how your sweet girl is doing.
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Hi there,

Looking for some other info on the Cat Site and I thought I would join this conversation.

I have a healthy 3 and a half year old tripod called Trinity. We found her on the street with a badly injured (severed) hind leg and so it was either amputate or put her to sleep, and I just couldn't do the latter! She was only about six months old and very malnourished/underweight but survived it all well.

Getting her through the weeks after the operation were interesting (adapting to a new home, another cat and no leg) but we got through it. Your cat might seem a little depressed, because Trinity certainly did, in the weeks after the operation. Her wound took ages to heal and had to be restitched as it wasn't healing. After a few months, she had a go at climbing a tree, and I think to all our surprise, she could do it!

Her muscles eventually got really strong on the front of her body, and her tail eventually moved to the other side for balance and the muscles are also strong there too. She can pull herself onto anything - the bed, couch etc, but she can still jump with ease.

One major issue with tripods is weight management, you really have to make sure they don't get overweight and put too much weight on that one leg.

She is a very tough little thing now and I usually forget that she only has three legs because she gets around just like any other cat.

Good luck and please contact me if you are having any trouble.

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Glad she is doing well.
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