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Inappropriate Pooping!!

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Gus had a bout of bad diarrhea last week where he had some accidents around the house (mainly by the front door), and I didn't punish him as I figured he just couldn't get to the box in time. But, since then he keeps randomly once every other day pooping on the floor by the front door!! I don't know why because the box gets scooped out once or twice a day, and changed and washed weekly. This last time I caught him in the act and told him no, then brought him to the box and shut the door to the room. I don't know why he's doing this all of a sudden or what to do to stop him. Any input???
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he still smells the poo by the door even tho you dont. its the spot that needs cleaned better with an enzymatic cleaner or something along those lines
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
he still smells the poo by the door even tho you dont. its the spot that needs cleaned better with an enzymatic cleaner or something along those lines

I've been cleaning it with vinegar, but what kind of cleaner are you talking about?
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Enzymatic cleaners, such as Nature's Miracle, etc.
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Gus not only pooped by the front door last night, but this morning he peed on the bathroom floor (there have been no accidents in the bathroom). I don't know what's going on with him, but I can't handle peeing and pooping all over the floor...especially because we rent.
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Is he still having diarrhea? Or is he back to normal? Might he still be ill?
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There are only a few reasons cats eliminate inappropriately.

1. The box is full, or otherwise stinky
2. They are sick
3. They are upset or anxious about a recent change
4. They smell some prior elimination

You've stated #1 is not really the case
You've stated your cat was previously ill, but not whether this was resolved?
You haven't mentioned any changes (food, litter, new pets, recent visitors, or other possible stresses?)
You've admitted #4 is true, and you really need an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the smell. You may not smell it anymore, but kitty probably does. I've used Nature's Miracle - Just for Cats and found that it worked. I know there are others on the market, but I haven't used those.
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He is not still ill. He has food allergies, but we believe we have pinpointed the allergen to be chicken. We eliminated any and all chicken from his diet and he has solid stool and no vomiting for the first time in his life (he's only 5 months). I will try the enzymatic cleaner. I hope it works, but I still don't understand why he peed in the bathroom. And this was about 5 minutes after the litter box was cleaned!!
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I finally got the Nature's Miracle spray yesterday. (It was finals time, and the nearest PetSmart is 30 minutes from here, so it took me a while.) I completely saturated the entire entry way floor and just let it air dry. And he pooped on the floor again last night.
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